Celer Network and QuarkChain Partnership Announcement

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Today, we are excited to announce Celer Network’s key strategic partnership with QuarkChain.

QuarkChain is a next-generation public blockchain system that leverages sharding as a horizontal scalability approach.QuarkChain is an innovative permissionless blockchain architecture that aims to meet the global-wise commercial standard. It provides a secure, decentralized, and scalable blockchain solution to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS.

Celer Network, as an off-chain scaling platform, is fully complementary to QuarkChain’s on-chain sharding scalability solutions. With QuarkChain’s full support of EVM, Celer Network’s generalized state channel and sidechain suite (cChannel) and provably-optimal state routing algorithm (cRoute) can provide QuarkChain with another dimension of low-latency scalability within shards and across different shards. Celer Network’s cOS also provides a friendly development framework and application runtime that give the additional options to the QuarkChain’s developer community to easily access the off-chain solutions and scale their applications to millions of users.

Dr. Mo Dong, Co-founder of Celer Network , says “QuarkChain and Celer Network both firmly believe that solving scalability is the single most important thing for blockchain ecosystem. We hold high respect for QuarkChain’s technical competence. QuarkChain’s unique underlying sharding architecture also enables Celer Network to operate in a highly powerful and efficient way on top. We feel honored to have QuarkChain as our first partner in the sharding based blockchain vertical and we will devote significant time and energy into this partnership”

Qi Zhou, CEO of QuarkChain, concurs “Celer Network provides not only a comprehensive off-chain technical architecture but also a first-of-its-kind crypto economics for off-chain scaling platforms. Celer Network’s off-chain scalability platform complements QuarkChain sharding solutions and creates a whole new angle to the scalability puzzle for blockchain. We are excited to choose Celer Network as first partner in the off-chain scaling space and looking forward to integrating with Celer Network’s off-chain scaling platform.”

With the aligned vision and the fully complementary technical stacks, Celer Network and QuarkChain will collaborate on facilitating and showcasing applications that best leverage QuarkChain’s high-throughput scalable sharding architecture and Celer Network’s low-latency off-chain scaling platform. Together, Celer Network and QuarkChain will enable unprecedented scalability and usability for decentralized blockchain applications.

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