Tweet’n Treats! Celer Network Strategic Partnerships Announcement Campaign

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Dear Supporters:

We are excited to share some fun activities to fire up Celer Network’s community! Starting July 26th, we will be releasing the names of our strategic partners through a series of fun games on Twitter! Down for some partner-name crossword puzzles? What about a word maze containing Celer Network’s key concepts?

The game starts on July 26, 2018 and only runs for a limited time! Participation will be considered in our whitelisting process! (😆😆😆) We haven’t announced our whitelisting process yet, but this campaign will definitely be a part of it.

Please follow us on Twitter (@CelerNetwork) to participate and join our telegram group (, as we will constantly update news in our Telegram group.

The rules of the games?

  • Celer Network will update the crossword puzzle or maze EVERYDAY on Twitter (@CelerNetwork). For our crossword puzzle, participants can fill in the blanks following the clues we provide. For our maze game, once you find the way out, you will be able to connect all letters to reveal one or several strategic partners.
  • To start, find and start a PRIVATE conversation with CelerNetworkBot (@ mycelerbot) in Telegram. (@ mycelerbot or mentioning CelerNetworkBot in the community group will NOT work.)
  • IMPORTANT: Get your unique GAME CODE from Telegram “CelerNetworkBot” (@mycelerbot) and retweet or reply your answer and GAME CODE together! Don’t forget to include your game code with your retweet or reply, otherwise we won’t count it as a valid answer. After retweet or reply, send the retweet or reply link to CelerNetworkBot so we can check your answer. 😆

Please follow these steps:

  1. Type “/code” to get your unique game-code.
  2. Retweet our game post with your answer AND game-code.
  3. Paste your retweet link to the bot (the link will be something like: and you are all set!
  4. Once you successfully retweet our post, you will receive a message from the bot saying: “Thank you for participating. Feel free to discuss in our telegram group. Please stay tuned for tomorrow’s game. Happy gaming!”
  • We will release the answer to our crossword or maze game 2 days later. Your retweet is only valid before we reveal the answer. Please only retweet ONCE for the same game, multiple retweets from the same user will get you disqualified.
  • We won’t count bot or fake accounts. 🤖️

Please be aware that we won’t ask for any of your documents at this point. Our CM will never message you without you messaging us first. Please stay vigilant to avoid scammers!

We hope you enjoy our fun games! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in our telegram group ( Also, don’t forget to retweet our game with your ANSWER and GAME CODE together! Happy Gaming!

FYI, here’s a little tutorial for iOS users to share Twitter retweet link:

  1. Open your retweet: (Don’t forget to retweet with your answer to our puzzle AND your unique game-code.)

2. Scroll down to find the share icon:

3. Click the “Share Tweet via…”:

4. If you haven’t enabled the feature to share on Telegram yet, swipe to the right and click “More”:

5. Enable the telegram icon:

6. Click the “Telegram” icon:

7. Find “CelerNetworkBot”, then share your retweet link to our bot and you are good to go!

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