Celer Network 2nd Weekly Project Progress Report (7/23/18~7/27/18)

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Welcome to Celer Network’s second weekly project progress report (July 23-July 27) on our community building and technology development! Please stay tuned for more updates from Celer Network.


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(Important News!!) Tweet’n Treats! Celer Network Strategic Partnerships Announcement Campaign

We are excited to share some fun activities to fire up Celer Network’s community! Starting July 26th, we started to release the names of our strategic partners through a series of fun games on Twitter! Participation will be considered in our whitelisting process! (😆😆😆) Please follow us on Twitter to participate and join our Telegram group.

Game 1: (Game 2 is coming!!)



  1. Celer Network and QuarkChain Partnership Announcement: Celer Network announced our strategic partnership with QuarkChain, a next-generation public blockchain system that leverages sharding as a horizontal scalability approach. Together, Celer Network and QuarkChain will enable unprecedented scalability and usability for decentralized blockchain applications.

Press Coverage:

  1. Celer Network x Crypto Zombie: In this interview, Mo dives into the tech what makes Celer Network different from other off-chain solutions and Celer’s liquidity backing auction.

2. Celer Network x Mandy: Mo explains how the tech behind Celer Network can transform the future of blockchain.


  1. July 25, 2018: our co-founder Dr. Qingkai Liang gave a special seminar at the MIT on July 25th! The seminar talked about the technical innovation of Celer Network, including off-chain payment network routing and how scalability would transform blockchain technology.


  1. Mobile:
  • UX and UI design for onboarding flow for on-chain wallet
  • Generation of new wallet based on mnemonic phrase
  • Wallet importation with mnemonic phrase / private key / public address
  • Exportation of private key and keystore
  • Secure local data storage for on-chain wallet
  • UI for creating PIN
  • UI for verifying PIN and biometric ID
  • UI for generating mnemonic phrase based wallet
  • UI for for backing up mnemonic phrase

2. Backend:

  • Move proto files into own repo and set up clean inter-repo dependencies using git subtree. This ensures solidity contracts and grpc go code are always in sync with proto definition.
  • Finalize detailed tasks list for next development sprint. Design and implementation in progress.
  • Complete design for 3rd party app group management and state exchange. Implementation in progres.
  • Implement Telegram bot to support marketing campaign.

Thank you for reading our weekly report. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave us a comment below. To receive our most up to date information, please follow us on our social media platforms. Thank you for your support. We’ll see you next week! 🙂

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