Celer Network First Ask Me Anything On Saturday, Aug. 4 at 10:00PM PST!

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Dear supporters,

We are grateful for the positive feedback we received from the Tweet’n Treats campaign by announcing our strategic partners and Celer key concepts! We enjoyed the interactions with the community and received many high-quality questions from the community. Therefore, to keep the conversation going, we will host our first telegram group Ask Me Anything (AMA)! Please join our first AMA on this Saturday (August 4th) at 10:00PM PST ! 🙌 🙌

What is the format of Ask Me Anything?

The AMA will be held in our telegram group (https://t.me/celernetwork). Our co-founder Dr. Mo Dong will give the most recent project progress as well as answer questions from the community.

How can I participate?

During our AMA, you are welcomed to ask us all the questions you might have in our telegram group. After our AMA, we will post a report with all the questions and answers, in case you missed it.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday at 10:00 PM PST in our telegram group. Let’s ask Celer anything!

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