Celer Network 5th Weekly Project Progress Report (8/13/18~8/17/18)

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Dear Community,

Happy Friday! Here is our 5th weekly project progress report (August 13- August 17) on our community building and technology development! Please stay tuned for more updates from Celer Network.


  • Telegram: 32,088
  • Twitter: 5,804
  • WeChat Official Account: 9191

Strategic Partnerships:

  1. This week, we are excited to announce Celer Network’s strategic partnerships has expanded significantly. We are humbled by the extremely high interests in our project and we are honored to have the opportunity to have a full spectrum of contributors including top public blockchain platforms, high-profile cryptocurrency funds and traditional ventures funds from all over the world. We feel thrilled to have Neo Global Capital, Aelf Foundation, QuarkChain Foundation, Qtum Foundation, IoTex Foundation, Stable Fund, Waves Platform, Pantera, DHVC, FBG, Bixin, BlockVC, Arrington XRP Capital, Fenbushi Capital, Signum Capital, Nima Capital, OK Blockchain Capital, Bgogo, MW Partners, Blockchain Global, Pre-Angel Fund, Fission Capital, Eric Meltzer, Async Capital, Alpha Coin, Oneboat Capital, QuesChain, LYVC, LinkVC, CollinStar, ASBV, Torque VC, Elysium VC, MW Partners, Marvelous Peach, Continue Capital, Sailor Capital, DFG Fund, Spark Capital, Consensus Lab, Bamboo Capital, H.Capital, Strategic Round Capital, Matrix Partners China, FreeS Fund, 500 Startups. 360 Inno Capital, ZMT Capital, Tsinghua Capital and RootsCap contribute to our project. For more details, please check out our official announcement: https://medium.com/celer-network/bring-blockchain-to-mass-adoption-at-cspeed-with-strategic-partners-e635e5b26ba1

Tweet’n Treats Winner Announcement:

  1. Thank you all for participating in our Twitter Campaign. All participants will be rewarded if they pass our KYC! For more details, please join our telegram group (https://t.me/celernetwork) and check out our telegram announcement channel: https://t.me/celernetworkann/31
  • For those who get all FIVE 5️⃣ games correct and pass KYC will be directly invited to join our crowdsale. 🎊
  • For all others who pass KYC and have correct answers for four 4️⃣, three 3️⃣, two 2️⃣ and one 1️⃣game will have a significant advantage in our future whitelisting plan.
  • To check your status, please start a private conversation with our bot (@mycelerbot) and type in “/status”. Thank you all for your support.



  1. Finish the implementation of monitoring service module and state management module.
  2. Finish the unit test for the dispute module, monitoring service module and state management module.
  3. The implementation of mobile interface, push notification server and application management server in progress.
  4. Integration test and end-to-end test in progress.
  5. Start the design of cApp dispute flows.
  6. Implement dApp session management and state exchange server, thorough tests in progress.


  1. Finished the design for wallet settings menu and app menu
  2. Brainstormed the off-chain wallet on-boarding and usage flow
  3. Conducted the first user test
  4. Wallet management: added multiple themes for wallets, enabled wallet import and creation
  5. Token sending flow: further displayed more detailed data, improved UI
  6. Data: fetched more data types, optimized the data synchronization flow, fixed various edge cases

Thank you for reading our 5th weekly report. We will keep you updated on more progress from Celer Network. Enjoy your weekend.

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