Celer Network 8th Weekly Project Progress Report (9/3/18~9/7/18)

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Dear Community,

Here is our 8th weekly project progress report (September 3 — September 7) on our community building and technology development! Please stay tuned for more updates from Celer Network. Thank you all for your continued support.


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  1. September 5th, 2018: Our co-founder Xiaozhou Li was invited to P.O.D Meeting in Beijing organized by Odaily and 36Kr! Xiaozhou gave a Keynote speech on building and operating internet-scale dApps on Celer Network as well as joined the panel to discuss the roadmap of blockchain technology.



  1. Integrate levelDB into CelerCore
  2. Fix various bugs for cPay-related functionalities
  3. Implement mobile interfaces for cPay
  4. Conduct more comprehensive cPay end-to-end testing
  5. Integration test of cPay SDK with mobile activities is in progress
  6. Implement cApp-related interfaces in CelerCore
  7. Finish unit testing for cApp dispute module
  8. End-to-end testing of cApp-related functionalities is in progress
  9. Polish Celer backend testing framework and integrate the framework into Docker and Travis
  10. Finish code refactoring of Celer backend code base



  • Stabilized the first user-testable version and started internal beta test
  • Enhanced wallet data security
  • Refactored data layer and cleaned-up fields in database related to wallet, tokens and transactions
  • Debugged local pending transactions
  • Implemented Celer app onboarding walkthrough
  • Enhanced UI in various screens


  • Started implementing end-to-end cOS test cases on mobile
  • Implemented cApps listing and off-chain wallet onboarding UI

Thank you for reading our 8th weekly report. We will keep you updated on more progress from Celer Network.

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