Lighting up the Centauri! Celer Network SDK and Testnet Launch at SFBW

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Centauri is coming 🙌

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Celer Network SDK and Testnet, release name Centauri, through a series of events in the San Francisco Blockchain Week! Celer’s Centauri Testnet is the first-ever off-chain operating network launched with the cutting-edge off-chain smart contract scaling capability. Centauri supports Ethereum and is backed by cChannel’s generalized state channel specification and cOS off-chain operating system SDK.

With Centauri, Celer immediately brings instant transaction finality and reduces 1000X transaction latency on Ethereum. This significant latency reduction and generalized smart contract support will fundamentally transform the blockchain application landscape by enabling pay-per-use micro-services, instant machine to machine payment, IOT services, prediction market and decentralized assets exchanges with instant off-chain order matching, highly interactive blockchain games, online micro auctions, and so many more. Support to more blockchains and adding sidechain to cChannel construct will come in future releases.

Along with our Cenaturi launch, We sincerely invite you to join us for a fun week of experience 🎮, building 💪 and winning 🤩 during the San Francisco Blockchain Week! Join our telegram now and keep updated!

Have fun experiencing the most advanced off-chain scalability technology

We know seeing is believing. And we know, that seeing a mysterious programmer console with a lot of code flying by, or a webpage with amazing numbers, is hard to believe. 🤪 Therefore, we bring Celer directly to your hands. We are releasing alpha version of cWallet, the first-ever mobile cryptocurrency wallet powered by Celer SDK.

cWallet supports Ethereum and ERC 20 tokens. However, what makes cWallet truly special?

  • cWallet is the first reference wallet integrated with Celer Network mobile native SDK and Centauri Testnet.
  • Acting as a gateway, cWallet gives you a first glimpse of the most advanced off-chain scalability brought by Celer Network. Through this gateway, we brought to you two cool cApps inside the cWallet: cPay is capable of delivering arbitrarily small payments in milliseconds with ZERO fee; cGomoku is a fun board game to showcase the most advanced off-chain smart contract execution capability.

Want to be a pioneer and try out cWallet? Join us at ETHSanFrancisco, SFBW EpicCenter and CESC! We have special fun activities prepared at our booth for each of these events! We have 100 LIMITED EDITION T-shirt with super cool C’nicorn for the first 100 users of cApps! We will hand-write each sequence number! 🎁

You can also use cPay to pay (free testnet token😉😉 ) for Celer Carnival games and compete in our King👑 of cGomoku tournament to win BIG prizes including the latest model of DJI drones, retro Gameboy consoles, Overdrive car racing kits and many more. Seriously, don’t miss out these super fun events!

Build dApps with best user experiences

Do you want to build mobile Ethereum games, online auction, prediction market or micro services, but are so annoyed by the slow transaction confirmation and the high transaction fees? Are you losing dApp users because of laggy UX? After seeing what Celer Network can bring first-hand, you would definitely want to join us and build!

Come to our ETHSanFrancisco workshop and tech talk for tutorial of Celer SDK. After the workshop, we have a full-team of engineers and designers dedicated to help you build for the full duration of the hackathon. We will even bring some dev mobile phones for you if you don’t have one readily available. Also don’t forget to join us at SFBW EpicCenter for a 1.5 hour deep-dive technical tutorial of Celer SDK and Celer Network’s overall architecture.

To know more about how we solve the crypto economics and security challenges in off-chain operating networks, join us at CESC for two full days of high quality talks. We will present our work “Solving Liquidity Shortage and State Availability Challenge in Off-chain Scaling Platform” on the same stage with industry leaders such as Vitalik Buterin and Emin Gun Sirer.

Win the coolest prizes with your fantastic ideas

Your fantastic ideas will certainly be rewarded! We are proud to offer three BIG API awards for three teams using Celer SDK at ETHSanFrancisco! $1000 will go to the team with the most innovative use case of Celer SDK. $500 will go to the team with the most complete implementation of an application with Celer SDK and $500 will be rewarded to the team built with the best off-chain UX.😍😍😍

Not gonna be able to join us in ETHSF? No worries, apply here to join cPilot: Celer Network SDK early access program!

Looking forward to seeing you during the SFBW ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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