Celer Network 12th “Weekly” Project Progress Report (10/16~11/16)

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Dear Community,

Happy Monday! It’s the week of Thanksgiving!🙌🙌 Thank you for your patience for our latest progress update. The last month was crazy for us, we updated all our meetups and events in our official Twitter account. If you haven’t follow us on Twitter yet, what are you waiting for? 😝😝(https://twitter.com/CelerNetwork). Today, we will combine all and show you what we have done for the last several weeks! Thank you all for your continued support. Here is our 12th “weekly” project progress report on our community building and technology development! Please stay tuned for more updates from Celer Network.


  • Telegram: 30,506
  • Twitter: 6,273
  • WeChat Official Account: 9,757

Devcon Update:

  1. Oct. 29, The Future of Layer 2 meetup in Prague. We invited 15 layer2 projects around the world to join us on the day before DevCon. Over 300 people showed up to support layer 2! We were very excited to see people are getting excited to learn more about layer 2! If you missed this awesome event, don’t worry, feel free to check out the recording here:

Layer 2 Group Photo!!

2. Oct. 30 — Nov. 2, Celer was honored to participate this year’s DevCon in Prague, Czech Republic. Thank you all for stopping by at our booth. We really enjoyed to talk and meet everyone of you. On Nov.1, Mo Dong presented “Build and Operate Internet Scale Ethereum dApps on Celer Network”.

DevCon4: Build and Operate Internet Scale Ethereum dApps on Celer Network

3. Nov. 2, at the iExec Summit event, Mo explained in depth of what Celer is and how to build on top of Celer.

Europe Meetups:

  1. Nov. 5 in Berlin, Germany, we started our first European meetup. Mo presented “Technology and Crypto-economics for Blockchain Layer-2 Scalability”. If you are interested in learning more about Celer’s future meetups, please join our meetup group: https://www.meetup.com/Celer-Network-Meetup/

Berlin Blockchain for Science

Berlin Meetup

2. Nov. 7 in Paris, France: Technology and Crypto-economics for Blockchain Layer-2 Scalability, join our meetup group to stay tuned for more meetups in your area!

Paris Meetup

Paris Meetup

3. Nov. 8 in Amsterdam, Netherlands: Technology and Crypto-economics for Blockchain Layer-2 Scalability, join our meetup group to stay tuned for more meetups in your area!

Amsterdam Meetup

Amsterdam Meetup

China Meetups:

  1. Nov. 10 in Shenzhen, China, our core developer Zixuan Wang explained how Celer works to developers.

Shenzhen, China Meetup

2. Nov. 11 in Beijing, China, Qingkai Liang presented “Layer 2 Scaling on Celer Network”.

Beijing, China Meetup

Beijing, China Meetup

3. Nov. 13 in Shanghai, China, Qingkai Liang and Mo Dong presented at Shanghai Jiao Tong University on how state channel works and what’s the future of blockchain.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Talk

4. Nov. 14 in Hangzhou, China: Build and Operate Internet Scale dApps on Celer Network

Hangzhou, China Meetup

Hangzhou, China Meetup


  • Successfully moved OSP server to us-east to support devcon.
  • CelerCore completed another sprint, release version v0.7.0.

Release v0.7.0 focuses on bug fixing and functionality enhancement.

  • Add retry for concurrent payments.
  • Add configurable confirmation delay for on-chain events and transactions (blockdelay can be configured in profile.json).
  • Enable different levels of verbosity in logging.
  • Add persistence for AuthOpenChannel and add 60-block timeout for AuthOpenChannel.
  • Piggyback expired/onchain-resolved condition groups with new conditional payment msgs.
  • Significantly reduce the number of on-chain event subscriptions of OSP server.
  • Fix bugs in GetPeerStatus: return empty string if peer has not joined Celer.
  • Fix memory leak bug for gRPC streaming coroutines
  • Fix bugs in SendState.
  • Fix bugs in RefreshStateDeposit and GetBalance.


  1. Start a new sprint cycle that aims at full-fledged backend features and improving backend robustness/scalability.
  2. Finish the design of dynamic deposit/withdraw
  3. Finish the design of ERC-20 support in backend
  4. Finish the design of multi-token channel
  5. Support current transactions on levelDB
  6. Make all cNode state mutations fully atomic
  7. Improve cGomoku bot implementation.
  8. Finish backend design for game room display and leaderboard


iOS app:

  • Finished cPay app
  • Finished off-chain playing part of cGomoku app

Android app:

  • Finished Chinese version of cWallet
  • Fixed UI issues based on user feedback
  • improved stability


  • Finished multiplayer game sample for iOS and Android
  • Designed joinCeler API for Android and iOS
  • Recorded the 1st Celer Mobile SDK online course

Thank you for reading our 12th “weekly” report. Everything will back to schedule! Please looking forward to our next weekly update! Enjoy the holiday!! Don’t forget to post your holiday photos in our telegram group, so that we can all cheer together. 😆 😆

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