Celer Network 14th Weekly Project Progress Report (11/26/18–11/30/18)

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Dear Community,

Happy Friday everyone! Starting from this week, we will show you our technology development first, following by our community development. We are making a lot of process, please stay tuned! And ask us all the questions you might have in our Telegram group. https://t.me/celernetwork Thank you all for your continued support. Here is our 14th weekly project progress report on our technology development and community building! Please stay tuned for more updates from Celer Network. 😀



  1. Implement backend support for game room display
  2. Implement dynamic deposit for ERC-20 token
  3. Support transactional backend operations
  4. Implement API and callbacks for received payments
  5. Design cooperative withdraw flow
  6. Design smart contract upgrade plan



  1. Off-chain cGomoku play: everything works
  2. On-chain cGomoku play: integrating APIs


Implementing new UI design for the next gen product:

  1. Walk-through, Import UI, Wallet creation UI


  1. Released Chinese version and French version
  2. Bug fixing: Fixed crashes due to number formats in certain countries


  1. Refactored iOS sample to adapt to video tutorial
  2. Refined Github README
  3. (Experimental) Finished JoinCelerSample using future API format
  4. Building developer documentation web page


  • Telegram: 31,242
  • Twitter: 6,343
  • WeChat Official Account: 9,789

Conference Preview:

  1. December 7–9, Celer Network will join ETHSingapore, 2018. We had a blast during the ETHSF. We hope to meet more talented developers around the world in Singapore. Mo Dong, co-founder of Celer, is honored to be one of the judges for ETHSingapore. We can’t wait to meet you and see what you can build with Celer SDK.


  1. November 27, Celer’s co-founder, Junda Liu, was invited to give a speech at the Ford internal Product and Sustainability Analytics meeting. Together, we discussed the future of blockchain and some possible ways that can be adopted by the auto industry.
  2. November 29–30, Celer was in Seoul, Korea for BUIDL Seoul 2018!! Our cofounder Qingkai Liang joined the panel on “Solving the Trilemma with Novel Ideas” and explained in depth of how Celer can help. This was our first time in Korea, we were very excited to meet our Korean community members!

3. November 29, Qingkai participated the Ethereum Layer-2 Scaling Solutions meetup. We received massive positive feedback from the crowd. Thank you for coming and engaging with us!

Thank you for reading our 14th weekly progress report. Please looking forward to our next weekly update! Enjoy the weekend!! 😆 😆

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