Celer Network 15th Weekly Project Progress Report (12/3–12/7)

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Dear Community,

How time flies! It’s Friday again. Here’s our latest weekly report. If you would like to get latest Celer news, please follow us on Twitter. Thank you all for your continued support. Here is our 15th weekly project progress report on our community building and technology development! As we mentioned last time, we’ll share with you our technology development first, following by our community and events progress. Please stay tuned for more updates from Celer Network.



  1. Implement and test multi-token channel support
  2. Implement and test cooperative withdraw
  3. Implement and test ERC-20 support for channel settlement
  4. Revise mobile APIs to support multiple ERC-20 tokens
  5. Implement and test user score tracking, ranking and leaderboard


  • Designed detailed UI for off-chain wallet
  • Deployed new game smart contract and dynamically loaded in Android and iOS
  • Implemented walk-through on iOS
  • Implemented new home screen on Android
  • Finished deploying developer documentation web pages for iOS, Android and HTTP Client for preview


  • Telegram: 31,836
  • Twitter: 6,350
  • WeChat Official Account: 9,793

Upcoming Events:

  1. ETHSingapore, December 7–9, Mo Dong will explain Celer technology to hackers across the globe.
  2. World Digital Assets Summit conference, December 9–11, Xiaozhou Li, co-founder of Celer Network, is invited to the panel of “Improving Scalability and Performance in Blockchain” at the WDAS conference. If you are interested in learning bring blockchain to mass adoption, don’t miss our panel.
  3. Dorahacks Hacker Arena, December 11, Celer is participating this 8-hour hackathon with different tiered challenges and prizes. We welcome all to join us next Tuesday! If you are wondering what a “hacker arena” is? Definitely check out our post here:

Past Events:

  1. BUIDLSeoul, November 29–30: Qingkai Liang, co-founder of Celer Network, participated BUIDLSeoul, 2018 and presented at panel “Solving the Trilemma with Novel Ideas”. Qingkai discussed some of the current challenges in scaling and possible ways to solve these challenges. On November 30th, Qingkai gave a talk on “Celer Network: Technology and Crypto Economics Architecture for Layer-2 Scalability”.

2. November 29, we had our FIRST-EVER meetup in Korea. We were really excited to meet our Korean community members. Thanks for coming and engaging with us.

3. November 30, Celer was invited by ABC Blockchain Community to host a white paper study meetup. We were joined by many talented developers both online and offline. We appreciate all for participating and engaging with us with all the technical questions!

Thank you for reading our 15th weekly progress report. Please looking forward to our next weekly update! Enjoy the weekend!!

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