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Master the Most Interactive Board Game on Blockchain

Hey there,

We’d like to invite you to be part of the revolution towards real user adoption for the Blockchain community. 😆 😆😆

Interaction = Adoption

How could blockchain possibly disrupt the gaming industry?

Blockchain enables exciting possibilities for gaming industry such as verifiable scarcity of game artifacts, globally tradeable game assets, transparent and fair game rules, and most importantly immediate reach to the entire world without any trust or financial barriers.

It could also represent a start of new business models. Game developers are not limited to make a profit though apps and in-app purchases. They could find themselves more empowered on blockchain (in a way not hurting the rights of users as they’re also granted with self-sovereign asset ownership and free trade).

Indeed, early adopters are entering this nascent market, where more than 400 blockchain games have been developed over past one year. However, when we look back on the progress we made so far and compare the blockchain games vs traditional games, we have to admit a painful truth:

Blockchain games are not nearly as fun as traditional games.

Why? Why does most of blockchain games still stay as card trade games driven by speculation and gambling games run on adrenaline rushes? We believe the crux of the problem lies on a lack of capability in enabling such fast interaction in the real-time man-to-man gaming.

Imagine what would happen on the World Cyber Games competition if the players played DOTA, LoL and StarCraft on blockchain?

The answer is, literally nothing. 🙇 😟

Nothing would happen because painfully long transaction latency and ridiculously low transaction throughput on blockchain makes any kind of interactive, real-time, actually fun games, in fact, impossible. Any action that you would expect to complete instantaneously would actually take tens of thousands time longer on blockchain.

For any technology widely adopted, smooth interaction is a must. The easier the social interaction is, the faster it spreads. Think about the adoption rate of the Internet, which exploded right after the instant messaging apps emerged. After 40 years, the endeavor to reducing the latency of interaction continues with every 1 millisecond reduction transforms to millions of revenues.

Blockchain is no different and the same “interaction- drives- adoption” thesis goes beyond just blockchain gaming industry and all “more serious” businesses. To achieve the level of interaction for a larger number of users, simply tweaking the blockchain layer is not enough. A layer-2 scalability platform that enables hyper interactive applications is a must.

Today, Celer got this job done and we invite you to try it out for fun and profit 🙌 🙌 ❗️ ❗️

Pop-up Challenge with ETH Reward!

We are launching Celer Pop-up Challenge with ETH Reward! We invite you to download cWallet and try out cGomoku, the most interactive board game on blockchain enabled by Celer’s world’s most advanced layer-2 scaling technology. For a limited time (starting from December 14th), Celer team gonna “pop up ✋” with game codes in our TELEGRAM group at least 8 times a day. Be the first one to get our cGomoku invitation code and, if you could beat our team in the game, 0.1ETH is yours 💸 💸!

For more detailed instructions of downloading and onboarding cWallet, please follow this instruction page.

If you are a game developer and are thinking about building games on blockchain that are actually fun, we are always interested in collaboration and please shoot us an email at

We hope you enjoy the new level of fun on blockchain! 🍻 🍻

About Celer Network

Founded by four PhDs from MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley and UIUC, Celer Network is the most advanced off-chain scaling platform to make it possible to build fast, easy-to-use and secure blockchain applications at Internet scale.

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