Celer Network 16th Weekly Project Progress Report (12/10–12/14)

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Dear Community,

Happy Friday! There’s a lot happening this week for Celer Network. In case you missed some of our updates, please check out our latest weekly report. If you would like to receive instant Celer news, please follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/CelerNetwork). Thank you all for your continued support. Here is our 16th weekly project progress report on our community building and technology development! Please stay tuned for more updates from Celer Network.




  • Finished new smart contract integration
  • Finished new home screen, app menu
  • Officially launched iOS public Alpha testing


  • Added surrender feature
  • Finished new smart contract integration
  • Finished Celer Pay token detail screen, blockchain token detail screen


  • Integrate latest cChannel smart contract and update go code
  • Update deployment scripts
  • Test more ERC20 use cases and fix bugs
  • Implement callback and APIs to confirm having received payment
  • Generate and integrate new client certificate
  • Add campaign support to leaderboard and score server


  • Telegram: 32,144
  • Twitter: 6,350
  • WeChat Official Account: 9764

Upcoming Events:

  1. Marketing Campaign: cGomoku Pop-Up Challenge. Come celebrate the holidays with Celer!! 🎉🎄We are launching Celer Pop-up Challenge with ETH Reward! 🎊We invite you to download cWallet and try out cGomoku, the most interactive board game on blockchain enabled by Celer’s world’s most advanced layer-2 scaling technology. For a limited time, Celer team gonna “pop up” with game codes in our Telegram group at least 8 times a day. Be the first one to get our cGomoku invitation code and, if you could beat our team in the game, 0.1ETH is yours!🤗🤗 Learn more: http://bit.ly/celergame

Past Events:

  1. World Digital Asset Summit, December 10–11, Xiaozhou Li, co-founder of Celer Network, was invited to present at the panel of scaling.

2. Hacker Arena, December 11, this was a 8-hour hackathon with different types of challenges. All hackers were very engaging and very productive. During the short hackathon, three teams worked on Celer SDK and built dApp using Celer SDK.

3. Celer x Aelf meetup, December 11, after the success of ETHSingapore, Celer and Aelf cohosted a meetup in Singapore. We were really excited to meet our Singapore community.

Thank you for reading our 16th weekly progress report. Please looking forward to our next weekly update! Enjoy the weekend!!

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