Celer Network 17th Weekly Project Progress Report (12/17–12/21)

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Dear Community,

Merry Christmas!!! 🎄 And Happy New Year!!! 🙌 Hope you are enjoy your time with friends and family! Wish you all the best! Come and celebrate holidays with Celer Network by participating our cGomoku Pop-up Challenge and win ETH. Definitely follow us on Twitter to receive instant Celer news. Thank you all for your continued support. Here is our 17th weekly project progress report on our community building and technology development! Please stay tuned for more updates from Celer Network.



  • Implemented background mode
  • Implemented UI for discovery screen
  • Added analytics for joining Celer failure
  • Debugged connection with users in China


  • Added flow to support old app users while redirecting to new app UI
  • UI for “Withdraw from Celer Pay”, “Transfer to Celer Pay”
  • Added analytics for joining Celer failure
  • Debugged connection with user in China


  • Improve logic for purging expired (timed out) payments.
  • Finalize ERC20 (multi-token) support within a channel.
  • Celer network node covers the gas fees for clients joining (opening a channel) without having on-chain funds (aka the “cold bootstrap” scenario).


  • Telegram: 32189
  • Twitter: 6329
  • Wechat: 9733

Marketing Campaign:

  • For Free ETH & For Fun, Join the cGomoku Pop-up Challenge: Come celebrate the holidays with Celer!! 🎉🎄We are launching Celer Pop-up Challenge with ETH Reward! 🎊We invite you to download cWallet and try out cGomoku, the most interactive board game on blockchain enabled by Celer’s world’s most advanced layer-2 scaling technology. Be the first one to get our cGomoku invitation code in our Telegram group and, if you could beat our team in the game, 0.1ETH is yours! Learn more: http://bit.ly/celergame


  1. Celer x DxChain: We are excited to announce that Celer Network has achieved a strategic partnership agreement with DxChain. Both teams will work closely together to accelerate the development of blockchain infrastructure and provide developers with a set of technical solutions.
  2. Celer x Atlas Protocol: With the aligned vision, the Celer Network and the Atlas Protocol (ATP) has agreed to form a strategic partnership. The two parties will combine the technical advantages to build the Blockchain Interactive Advertising Alliance, which will strive both parties to contribute to the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

Once again, thank you for your continued support! Thanks for reading our 17th weekly report. Merry Christmas!!! 🎄🎄🎄 We will see you next week! Cheers!

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