Celer Network 18th Weekly Project Progress Report (1/2–1/4)

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Dear Community,

Happy New Year!!! 🙌 Hope you had a great time with friends and family! We wrapped up our cGomoku Pop-up Challenge this week. Thank you all for participating our challenge. Definitely follow us on Twitter to receive instant Celer news. Thank you all for your continued support. Here is our 18th weekly project progress report on our community building and technology development! Please stay tuned for more updates from Celer Network.




  • Improved UI architecture
  • Finished layouts:
  1. Transaction history
  2. ETH and ERC20 token list
  3. ETH and ERC20 token detail
  4. Transfer to Celer Pay
  5. Withdraw from Celer Pay



  • Finished layouts:
  1. Reserve Gas Fee
  2. Leaderboard
  3. New Gomoku UI with game platform UI style


  • Researched on-chain account and token listing APIs for ERC20 token basic information, price and transaction history. Finished a PROC.
  • Finished ethereum on-chain client refactoring:
  1. ETH and ERC20 token on-chain balance query and on-chain transfer
  2. gas management
  3. on-chain gomoku play


  • Adapted the data layer code to goCeler 0.8.1
  • Refactored the architecture of off-chain data layer and UI layer:
  1. Cleaner and much less code in UI layer
  2. Clear Celer client states
  3. More reliable error management for Celer client
  • Finished debugging ERC20 token open channel process


  • Begin project planning for Q1 release & sync across projects
  • Improved build automation
  • Complete new proto-to-solidity generator (compatible with solidity >= v0.5)
  • Begin design of new protocol messages
  • Begin design of scalability & reliability enhancements


  • Telegram: 31474
  • Twitter: 6334
  • Wechat: 9678

Marketing Campaign:

Our cGomoku Pop-up Challenge went very well for the past two weeks. Thanks for celebrating this holiday season with Celer. What comes as a surprise even to us, is that we achieved 20% 7-day user retention, that is 20% of users still actively used cWallet 7 days after first use. We want to highlight that cWallet is purely on Ropsten Testnet without any real-value transactions and therefore, there is no monetary incentive for people to stay. People continue to come back to our application mostly to place “bets” on cGomoku with their friends. The support we received is overwhelmingly positive as can be seen from many public comments from key influencers in this space. This retention ratio is highly encouraging as we now know that we can build something that users actually want to use and cannot even feel whether it is running on blockchain or not.

Testnet User Statistic

Celer Network Annual Report:

Once again, thank you for your continued support! Thanks for reading our 18th weekly report. Happy New Year! May this year bring new happiness, goals, achievements and a lot of new inspiration for your life. Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness. We will see you next week! Cheers!

About Celer Network:

Celer Network aims to bring Blockchain technology to mass adoption. It is an Internet-scale, trust-free, and privacy-preserving off-chain scaling platform where everyone can quickly build, operate, and use highly scalable decentralized applications. It provides unprecedented performance and flexibility through innovations in off-chain scaling techniques and a crypto economics model designed based on game theory principles to bring essential value to the off-chain ecosystem.

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