A Star is Born: Launching Celer Network Sirius Testnet and CelerX

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Celer Network is thrilled to announce today the launch and upgrade of Celer’s public testnet 2.0, Sirius, from the debut version Centauri Testnet, and Celer’s layer-2 technology-driven dApp gateway mobile application CelerX from the previous cWallet.

Three months ago, we lighted up the Centauri testnet, the first-ever off-chain operating network launched with the cutting-edge off-chain smart contract scaling capability. With Centauri, we bring ZERO-fee smart contract transactions and 10,000X transaction latency reduction to Ethereum. The amazing user statistics shown below speaks for the success of Centauri testnet.

cWallet Testnet statistic

Sirius Testnet is the second public release of Celer Network’s testnet with a strong focus on refining user experience and expanding development framework features.

Refining User Experience: CelerX

Besides the main launch of Sirius, in terms of user experience improvement, we also want to introduce with you our beta version mobile app CelerX, the FIRST AND ONLY layer-2 application platform on iOS and Android. We implemented full-fledged user onboarding flow and completely re-architected the application for quickly onboarding new applications built on top of Celer in the future.

Expanding Development Framework Features:

On the development framework side, we added a variety of features in the new Sirius testnet:

  • Javascript SDK
  • Dynamic deposit and withdrawal
  • Full ERC-20 support
  • Multi-token channel support
  • Conditional payment with oracle integration
  • Elastic scalability for full node deployment

Want to Try Out Sirius Testnet?

  1. Developers, please check the development tools for technical details!
  2. Our beloved users, we invite you to join the board game tournament built with Celer and win $$$!

Thank you for everyone’s support on Celer Network! Please stay tuned for more updates.

Celer’s testnet is always something worth trying, and this time, on Sirius, you will also be able to win up to $3000 by joining our board game tournament available via CelerX! Join NOW!

About Celer Network:

Founded by four PhDs from MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley and UIUC, Celer Network is the most advanced off-chain scaling platform to make it possible to build fast, easy-to-use and secure blockchain applications at Internet scale.

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