Celer’s Demo Day at 500 Startups!

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Celer Network was so proud to celebrate the completion of the 4-month accelerator program with 500 Startups Demo Day on 2/28 🎉😄. In the demo day, we were super excited to interact with the 500+ investors and LPs attendees and thrilled to announce the opportunity to work with a major automotive OEM on a proof-of-concept project during the accelerator program.

Celer Network’s Journey with 500 Startups

After sorting through 1700+ applications, Celer Network was selected to be one of the final 18 teams joining 500 Startups’ latest accelerator batch 24 in San Francisco. Through 500’s four-month accelerator program, Celer Network connected with the world’s most talented, diverse entrepreneurs and received responsive support from industry leaders.

Celer Network succeeds in accelerating user growth, optimizing product development and promoting comprehensive marketing plans. In early February, along with the Sirius testnet launch, Celer Network released CelerX, the FIRST AND ONLY layer-2 application platform on iOS and Android. Backed by the most advanced off-chain scaling platform, CelerX users can try out instant and zero-fees payment, and a skill-based Gomoku game.

Celebration of Batch 24 Demo Day!

On 2/28, 500 startups demo day was joined by 500+ investors and LPs attendees in San Francisco. The demo day is to introduce the batch 24 companies and provide opportunities to connect with co-founders, investors, and enterprises. If you missed the Demo Day, no worries! Here are some highlights for the day.

On Demo Day, our co-founder Dr. Mo Dong gave a two-minute pitch to introduce Celer, the most advanced layer-2 blockchain scaling solutions to the audience. Also, we shared the experience on a proof-of-concept project which we’ve worked on with a major automotive OEM during the program.

What’s next for Celer Network?🎉🎉

Celer Network continues to focus on generating user growth towards blockchain mass adoption. In addition, we will continue to work on collaboration towards community standardization and also expand our partnership with more application builders and traditional industry partners in the future.

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