Celer Network 35th Weekly Project Progress Report (4/29–5/03)

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Dear Community,

Happy Friday! Here is our 35th weekly project progress report on our community building and technology development! Meanwhile, you can also follow our Twitter account for more updates from Celer Network.

Upcoming Events:

  1. The Future of Layer2: NYC Edition

Register and mark your calendar for one of the biggest layer2 events of the New York Blockchain Week. Come and meet the Celer team and explore the future of Layer2. Speakers are from Celer Network, Nervos, SKALE, Matic, Alacris, Adriged, and Matter Labs.

2. May 17–19, 2019 | New York, USA. ETHNewYork, An Ethereum hackathon proudly hosted by ETHGlobal

Celer will be in New York for ETHNew York! Come and meet us if you were in the area 🙌



  • Finished new “Backup your wallet” flow
  • Tested Alpha Mainnet OSP config and mobile SDK
  • Tested game inviting flow, fixed bugs and edge cases
  • Tested and refined app adaptability for different games from the developer portal
  • Completed dispute design UI flow for fully decentralized turn-based games


  • Completed the setup of a new backend stack for Alpha Mainnet Launch
  • Testing and fixing issues found on the new backend
  • Implemented a more robust on-chain event monitoring
  • Support payments with numeric conditions, not only boolean


  • Telegram: 32,486
  • Twitter: 13,018
  • WeChat: 9,934

Past Events:

  1. New listing on BitMax.io

In addition to Binance, started from April 28, 2019, Celer Network (CELR) is listing on BitMax.io under the trading pairs of CELR/USDT and CELR/BTC!

To celebrate listing of Celer Network(CELR), BitMax.io will launch promotional events — Net-Buy Contest & BitTreasure. The event runs from 9:00 a.m. EDT, Apr 30th, 2019 to 9:00 a.m. EDT, May 6th, 2019. Please refer to BitMax.io for details.

2. May 1, Seoul, South Korea, Ethereum meetup

Mo co-hosted the Ethereum meetup on Generalized Layer 2 Solutions in Seoul. He shared some very interesting testnet statistics of Celer Network, the largest generalized state channel network in existence. He also illustrated how Celer Network could better-helping developers to build decentralized applications.

More South Korea local news reports about Celer: MoneyToday Interview with Celer Network; Celer Network at KEY Platform Conference

3. The 4th Exclusive Alpha Test

This week Celer held the 4th exclusive Alpha test. Thank you to everyone who registered for the test and participated in CelerX’s Happy Hour Tournament. Below are the top 3 most active tester reward winners. Congratulations! 🎉 The top 10 highest quality feedback reward winners will be announced this weekend. Your feedback is valuable to us and we hope you continue to be part of the Celer community!

Get excited! We’ve also shipped out cnicorn T-shirts to all the T-shirt winners. Check your mailbox for your new cnicorn T-shirts and don’t forget to send us photos of you wearing it 🙌

Thank you for reading our 35th weekly report! Please join our telegram group to stay in touch and ask us questions!! We will see you next week!

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