Celer at New York Blockchain Week: Mainnet Sneak Peek, Layer-2 Meetup, New Sand Fun Games!

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Hello New York!

Celer Network team is super excited to be part of the New York Blockchain Week for the first time! We got a series of exciting events and fun activities lined up for you!🎉🎉

Celer’s Mainnet Sneak Peek at ETH New York 👀

Celer Network mainnet is coming soon to the public. Though it has only been 7 short months since we launched our first public testnet, Celer Network has pushed the boundaries of layer-2 scaling technology, user-facing product and developer ecosystems. With blockchain mass adoption as goal, Celer Network user counts has grown by 50X to almost 20,000 monthly active users from 88 different countries. Celer Network testnet is processing around 4 million off-chain smart contract transactions on generalized state channel with absolutely ZERO cost. Amazing though the numbers already are, we want to note that this is just one application’s statistics on the still “paper-money” testnet. Like you, we are eager to see the power of layer-2 scaling fully unleashed.

For those of you who don’t want to wait, we invite you to come to ETHNewYork and get the first behind-the-scenes sneak peek of our public mainnet alpha. As an appreciate of your kind help, we will be giving out our limited-edition T-shirts and a lot of secret prizes at our booth. (Just FYI, at ETHDenver, we ran out of T-shirts on the very first day. 👀)

  • Friday night at 10:30–10:55pm: Celer Network SDK: Build fun and interactive dApps @ Andromeda (1st floor).
  • Saturday afternoon at 13:00–13:25: Celer Network: Lessons Learnt Running The Biggest Generalized State Channel Network Testnet @ Andromeda (1st floor).

Building scalable and smooth UX dApps on Celer Network 🚀

We have proven the significantly usability improvement brought by Celer SDK, now it’s your time to get that 50X user growth, high retention and long engagement time for your dApps! Do you want to build interactive Ethereum games, online auction, prediction market or micro payment services and have a path to monetization? Are you a great indie game developer but having trouble monetizing your next great idea? Are you extremely annoyed by the disastrous UX caused not by you, but by the slow blockchain and the high transaction fees. Come to our workshop and learn how to build on Celer. We got you covered!

Bounty 1 Overview: cGamer

If you are able to build ANY game using Celer SDK, you will be qualified for a $1,000 prize! By meeting additional criteria, you will have a chance to qualify for a bonus $500 prize!!

  • $500: if the game involves any state exchange between multiple players

Prize Amount: up to $1,500

Bounty 2 Overview: cBUIDLer

If you simply want to try out Celer, we also got you covered. If you use ANY Celer SDK and build ANY application, or even just getting our demo application running, you are more than welcome to do so. The first two teams registering their applications built with Celer SDK will split $1,000.

Prize Amount: $1,000

The Future of Layer-2 Meetup is Becoming a Tradition!

Following our SF Edition, Prague Edition, now the world’s biggest layer-2 scaling meetup, The Future of Layer2, is coming to NYC! We invite you to be part of the tradition and don’t miss the great opportunity to talk to some of the brightest visionaries in the industry at New York Blockchain Week! On Thursday, May 16 at 6:30PM, Celer Network is co-hosting a night of beer 🍻, mingle, and tech discussion on the latest developments & breakthroughs across scaling solutions right before the ETH New York Hackathon! This will be an educational event so bring all of your questions and thoughts on layer-2 scaling! 🙌 🙌

Are you ready to these exciting events and fun activities lined up for you? Mark your calendar! Looking forward to seeing you :)))


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