Transparency Report Regarding Locked CELR Tokens

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Dear Celer Network Community,

Let us first begin by saying that all funds are safe and you will not be affected by this. This report is to clarify any question you may have when reviewing the locked token addresses of CELR tokens.

On May 25th UTC, during the token distribution process for our private and seed token purchasers, our two isolated teams: financial and operation team had a miscommunication that leads to permanent locking of 1% CELR token to this distribution contract The tokens are locked indefinitely.

We want to clarify that this is NOT a hacking incident, and will take full responsibility of this miscommunication. The 1% locked token will be deducted from foundation’s reserve. As a result, the total supply of token will be reduced by 1% and your token number will NOT reduce.

We would like to proactively clarify this to avoid any confusion you may have. We have reviewed the procedure of communication between two isolated teams so all contract addresses and parameters are shared in privately hosted version control system. This kind of incident will never happen again.

Thank you,

Celer Network Team


The new token locking map after this incident is the following:

  • Mining Reserve (25% locked): 0xa6045362e295db86da338da6b2a9f439add951b2
  • Team and Advisors (20% locked): 0xa49943ee8e2a503cb90b68bf6e7d0511714e8f19
  • Private and Seed Sale Tokens to-be-distributed (7.06%, locked, will have 1% from foundation added to this): 0xb22dc759f194f5d00f1981bf47ab5c3572562c96
  • Foundation (9% Foundation Reserve 1): 0x0fcb193c75cecae31d592b9ca0ae11c96a5bab0c
  • Foundation (8% Foundation Reserve 2): 0x54279e2d203275a178e120f4f9714dec74e84006
  • Permanently locked(1%): 0xbf08234B7E3897386F93aB7E60588543270DB05c
  • Marketing and Ecosystems (unlocked): 0x1083054d7f2844e65dc0e67423792e3c22d6195f
  • Marketing and Ecosystems (locked): 0x1cb8bdf676b49a11a41cdbb0ba0cc75efce14db9

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