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Last updated on Oct 17, 2019

Celer Network came out of stealth in Q3 2018. Though it is only less than a year, we have made so many achievements and progresses. It is without a doubt that Celer is leading the charge in the red-hot area of layer-2 scaling. We hear community’s feedback that it is sometimes hard to keep track of what has happened and what is happening right now. Thus, we decided to create this post where you can always come back to and find what you’re looking for. Think of it as a “one-stop-shop” for everything you want to know about Celer Network. This article will be updated regularly!

What’s New?

Ongoing Campaigns:

Global Game Oasis Hackathon is a global gaming hackathon, where game industry meets blockchain! We invite you to join us for the Game Oasis Hackathon and experience how you can improve the current gaming experience!

$10,000 prizes and potential to be selected by Binance Labs’ incubator program! You can join us in San Fransisco or participate remotely. Don’t miss it! Apply to hack at: https://game-oasis-sf.devfolio.co


1. What is Celer Network?

Celer Network is the most advanced layer-2 scaling platform to build fast, easy-to-use, low-cost and secure blockchain applications at internet scale. Celer was founded by experienced entrepreneurs with PhDs degrees from MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley and UIUC and has a fast-growing all-star team with years of engineering, product, user growth and marketing experience from tech giants like Google, Amazon, Cisco, Oracle, HP and more.

At its core, Celer is a layer-2 infrastructure on top of blockchains, the ecosystem also includes dApps and cryptoeconomic models to incentivize usage of our layer-2 scalability solution.

We continue to lead the technology innovation in the space of off-chain (or “layer-2”) infrastructure with many of the world’s first: we led the cutting-edge research and development of layer-2 scaling; we delivered the world’s first and most advanced generalized state channel network Testnet; we released CelerX: the first-ever mobile application that can access layer-2 dApps; we released first-ever mobile native layer-2 scaling SDK; we delivered on our promise to become the world’s first blockchain agonistic layer-2 scaling platform by supporting two architecturally very different blockchains, Ethereum and DFINITY, at the same time.

What are Layer-2 scaling platforms?

Layer-2 scaling platforms are built “on top of” the layer-1 blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin. They do not require changes to the base level protocol — rather, they exist simply as smart contracts on main-chain like Ethereum that interact with off-chain software.

What are the core technologies behind Celer?

Celer focuses on Generalized State Channel Network and Side Chain technology. It provides a coherent architecture with It enables smart contract on layer-2. To know about the underlying technology, please read our white paper. We also have a more reader-friendly summary here. To dive a bit deeper into deeper, please check out this explanatory article about Celer state channel and this three-part blog series about generalized state channel (Part 1: What Are They Good For? Part 2: How do you use state channels in a dapp?). Long term, Celer Network’s vision is to combine all layer-2 scaling technology pieces together into a coherent solution.

One simple analogy we can use is that if you compare Celer to Lightning, it’s like comparing Ethereum to Bitcoin. Ethereum introduced the general smart contract functionality layer-1 blockchain and Celer introduces the general smart contract flexibility on layer-2.

Where we are on the testnet/mainnet roadmap?

a) Alpha-Mainnet

Celer Network’s alpha-mainnet launched on July 7th, 2019. The alpha-mainnet, Cygnus, marks the beginning of the world’s first Generalized State Channel Network, starting from Ethereum. It opens up an entirely new dimension of blockchain layer-2 scalability with real-time and zero-fee interaction, instant micropayments and low-latency interoperability for decentralized Apps.


b) Testnet

Two testnets have been successfully launched so far:

1. Oct.2018:Testnet Centauri with cWallet, the first reference wallet integrated with Celer Network mobile native SDK and Centauri Testnet

2. Feb.2019:Testnet 2.0, Sirius with CelerX, the FIRST AND ONLY layer-2 application platform on iOS and Android.

We’ve shared our testnet experience and results during EDCON 2019

2. Celer’s Cryptoeconomic Model and CELR token

Celer’s Crypto Economic model (cEconomy) is a staking system that provides security, stable and abundant liquidity, and state connectivity for the Celer Network.

We introduced the first-ever layer-2 crypto economics cEconomy with the CELR token playing a central role. cEconomy is a staking-based system that provides security, stable and abundant liquidity, and state connectivity for Celer Network. To give a high-level summary:

  • CELR token can be used to pay the service fee and transaction fee to off-chain service providers and additional service provided.
  • One can stake CELR in State Guardian Network and become a State Guardian. State Guardians perform services like state monitoring, dispute response and connectivity to protect the security and improve the efficiency of Celer Network. During the service process, State Guardians receive service fee and side-chain block rewards.
  • CELR also serves as an incentive for maintaining a stable and abundant liquidity pool in Proof of Liquidity Commitment process.
  • CELR can also be used in Liquidity Backing Auction to increase the priority of liquidity backing bids and therefore statistically increase the liquidity interests payout.

Interested in learning more on cEconomy? We’ve also published a series of “How to Use CELR Token?” videos on Celer’s Youtube Channel.

We’ve finished our token sale on March 19, 2019, with Binance Launchpad. You can refer to Binance Research report on CELR token for more detailed token sale and economics information.

3. How is Celer different from other layer-2 scaling solutions?

To help everyone better understand the difference between Celer and other layer-2 scaling solutions, Binance did an independent research report and here is what was found.

Competitor Overview (Key comparables)

Celer Points of Differentiation

  • Multi-blockchain support
  • Support not only payments but also off-chain smart contracts
  • Provably optimal state routing algorithm with more than 20X performance gain
  • First and only off-chain crypto economic model to provide state availability, connectivity, dispute resolution and abundant liquidity for off-chain scaling platform, where CELR token plays an indispensable role.

4. What is CelerX?

Our consumer-facing product, CelerX is the FIRST AND ONLY layer-2 application platform on iOS and Android. Backed by the most advanced off-chain scaling platform, CelerX users can transfer instant and zero-fees payment through Celer Pay, and play diverse skill-based games. Since July the 8th mainnet launch, CelerX has reached $1.4M+ total prizes awarded, 11K players and 300K matches from 88 countries.

Have you ever wondered how to use low latency and zero gas fees Celer Pay in CelerX? Check out the 1-min video which explains all the details! Let us walk you through on transferring funds using Celer Pay.

See what our users say about CelerX:

ETHNewYork Celer User Interviews — What did users say about CelerX?

ETHDenver Celer User Interviews — What did users say about CelerX?

Want to experience the ⚡️speedy⚡️ dApps on the blockchain with a 10,000X faster, interactive user experience? Download the CelerX app NOW to try it out!

5. Celer SDK: Build dApps with best user experiences

If you are a developer and want to build mobile Ethereum games, online auction, prediction market or microservices, but are so annoyed by the slow transaction confirmation, the high transaction fees and have experienced losing dApp users because of laggy UX. You should try out Celer SDK to build layer-2 highly interactive and scalable dApps!

Read our Alpha Mainnet Technical Guide for all the key features and tutorial videos. Happy BUIDLing!!


You can also refer to Celer’s iOS, Android and Web SDK, which expose almost all raw functionality of Celer and GitHub repo for open source code.

Example Projects building on top of Celer Network

Hear what developers are saying about building on Celer Network today!

6. Who are our partners?

We’ve built strategic partnerships with a lot of Top-tier partners:

  1. TROY, Celer and TROY formed a strategic partnership focusing on the DeFi application of the state channel technology.
  2. Bytom Blockchain, Celer and Bytom Blockchain signed a Memorandum of Understanding which indicates that both sides will collaborate on strengthening Bytom’s ecosystem
  3. NEO, Celer built a strategic partnership with NEO, one of the largest public blockchains. NEO will integrate Celer Network’s layer-2 scaling technology to significantly expand the scalability and usability of its dApps. Meanwhile, Celer will benefit from the vigorous march of NEO 2.0 and tapping into NEO’s diverse dApps ecosystem.
  4. Mixmarvel, Celer formed a partnership with one of the top blockchain projects Mixmarvel in the collaborative creation of popular blockchain-powered casual games.
  5. SkyDream Technology, Celer formed a strategic partnership with SkyDream Technology, a multi-million-daily-active-user mobile mini-game studio on platforms such as WeChat, Facebook and more. This partnership will bring many of SkyDream Technology’s popular games and users to CelerX eSport gaming application
  6. MakerDAO, Celer partnered with MakerDAO, the creator of Dai, the world’s first decentralized stablecoin based on the Ethereum blockchain, to bring Dai stable tokens to Celer’s layer-2 scaling platform.
  7. Wyre, Celer and Wyre Partner for Zero Fee Mobile dApps with Liquidity
  8. Binance Labs, Celer Network partners with Binance Labs as a mentor for the Binance Labs incubation program.
  9. Binance’s Trust Wallet and Celer have formed a strategic partnership to create seamless integrations and fluid interactions and user experiences on decentralized applications for developers and the industry.
  10. L4 Ventures, L4 is helping build Counterfactual, an open-source framework for generalized state channels on ethereum. Celer is working with L4 to develop common off-chain scaling standard for the Ethereum ecosystem.
  11. 500 Startups, After sorting through 1700+ applications, Celer Network was selected to be one of the final 22 teams joining 500 Startups’ Batch 24 in San Francisco. Celer joined the 500S’ blockchain track with a focus on accelerating growth and aiming to contribute to the development of the blockchain ecosystem globally.
  12. DFINITY is a public blockchain system whose protocols generate a reliable “virtual blockchain computer” running on top of a peer-to-peer network upon which software can be installed and can operate in the tamperproof mode of smart contracts. Celer has implemented full smart contract support as the first off-chain scaling solution on DFINITY platform.
  13. Nervos Network is a blockchain network and DApp platform built with a layered architecture. Celer is collaborating with Nervos to refine the layered blockchain architecture with a close feedback loop and has identified several key cases of cross-layer optimization and interface alignment.
  14. QuarkChain is a next-generation public blockchain system that leverages sharding as a horizontal scalability approach. Celer is piloting a cross-shard off-chain transactions system in Quarkchain’s sharded blockchain architecture.
  15. QTUM, With its unique account abstraction layer, QTUM successfully bridges Bitcoin’s UTXO model with Ethereum smart contract execution. Celer is testing out Qtum’s new x86 virtual machine and comparing that with EVM and other VM architectures for off-chain scaling.
  16. Atlas Protocol (ATP) is an application layer protocol of tokenized marketing, aiming to define a new on-chain interactive ads paradigm. Celer is partnering with Atlas Protocol to break the technical barriers of on-chain interactive advertising by using off-chain scaling techniques.
  17. DxChain is the world’s first decentralized big data and machine learning network powered by a computing-centric blockchain. Celer will develop and integrate off-chain scaling solutions on top of DxChain to further boost its scalability.
  18. Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments. Celer is working on a design pattern that combines off-chain conditional state transition with an on-chain oracle dependency. This collaboration introduces the capability to combine real-world information and layer-2 scalability.
  19. Hashed Labs is an acceleration program of Hashed, Celer Network cofounder joins Hashed Labs as blockchain gaming incubation program mentor.
  20. GXChain is a fundamental blockchain for the global data economy, designed to build a trusted data internet of value. Celer formed a strategic partnership with GXChain to deploy off-chain solutions and accelerate the hundreds of dApps’ transactions on its platform.
  21. Matic, side chain layer-2 scaling solutions. A successful integration of the Celer state channel and Matic testnet sidechain happened during ETHNewYork.
  22. Conflux the next generation blockchain protocol that optimistically processes concurrent blocks without discarding any as forks. Celer is partnering with Conflux aims to boost the mass adoption of decentralized applications and equip developers with tools to tackle blockchain scalability, security and extensibility.
  23. Mobi(Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative), a nonprofit smart mobility consortium. Celer Network will be actively involved in the consortium and drive blockchain scalability solutions forward in partnership with MOBI.

7. How can you join our community?

Celer has established a global community of 25K+ Telegram members, 10K Wechat official account followers, and 18.5K Twitter followers. This community is not established through paid airdrops or any “free money” marketing campaigns, but through our long-term general education materials posted on Medium, Reddit and many other channels.

Here are our AMA(Ask Me Anything) Summaries that we hosted in our community in the past:

Oct 1, Vietnamese Community AMA

Aug 29, Binance Turkish Community AMA

Aug 20, Binance Russian Community AMA

July 3rd, 2019, Binance AMA with Dr. Mo Dong




You can also find A series of State channel research calls we’ve been hosting with other top researchers in the area at Celer’s Youtube Channel. On August 26, 2019, together with other state channel projects we’ve announced an initiative to unify Ethereum’s State Channels projects around a single standard. Our goal is to enable the best possible user and developer experience for State Channels. All wallets, clients, or applications that use the State Channels specification will be compatible by default. Developers and users will not need to worry about supporting a multitude of competing standards, avoiding fragmentation.

Welcome to follow us at :

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Youtube | Facebook |

Meetup | Medium | Github | Discord |

8. Find us in the newsroom


At the end of 2018, we’ve also published Celer Network 2018 Annual Reports:

9. Past Events

We’ve actively participated in a lot of events. Our team was at ETHNew York, ETHDenver, DevCon4…below is a list of past community activities to date:


  1. Oct 8–11, 2019, Devcon in Osaka Japan
  2. Oct 8, State Channels Summit in Osaka Japan
  3. Oct 1–2, 2019, The Pocket Gamer Connects, Helsinki Finland. Our VP of Marketing gave a talk “Innovation in Mobile Gaming Leveraging Blockchain Technology”.
  4. Sep 16-18, Shanghai Blockchain Week
  5. Sep 6–8, ETHBoston in Boston, MA
  6. Aug 24–25, ETHPlanet Ethereum Hackathon in Shenzhen
  7. Aug 21–23, DAPPCON- Developer Conference for Ethereum Dapps & Infrastructure in Germany, Our co-founder Qingkai presented at DAPPCON Berlin during Berlin Blockchain Week and discussed our recent mainnet releases.
  8. Aug 19–21, Web3 Summit in Berlin Germany, Our cofounder Qingkai Liang shared with the community at Web3 Summit the exploding adoption on CelerX users, developers and partners after Celer Network’s alpha mainnet launch.
  9. Aug 2019, Gaming Oasis Hackathon. Gaming Oasis Hackathon is a global gaming hackathon, where game industry meets blockchain! The global tour will cover Shanghai, San Francisco, Seoul, Bengaluru in the next few months! Apply here to join us!
  10. July 2019, Global Blockchain Ecosystem Conference in the China Joy gaming week
  11. July 20, 4th Industrial Revolution Hackathon Binance Arena, Beijing
  12. July 19, 2019: BuildETH, San Fransico. Our co-founder Dr. Mo Dong and join the roundtable discussion “Celer Network” at BuildETH
  13. July19–21, State of Scale Hackathon, Los Angeles. Our co-founder Mo attended the State of Scale hackathon as a mentor together with other leading projects & organizations.
  14. July 22–23, Seoul, BUIDL Asia 2019. Our co-founder Dr.Qingkai Liang was invited by BUIDL Asia 2019 as a speaker. He discussed “Lessons learned running a Layer-2 generalized state channel network on Ethereum” with the community.
  15. Jun 18, The Blockchain Scalability Panel in Shanghai
  16. Jun 15, 2019, PoS CEO Summit in Palo Alto
  17. Jun 2019, Scaling Ethereum Workshop, Toronto
  18. May 2019 Celer Network at ETHNewYork, State Channel Research Discussions, and The Future of Layer2 Meetup
  19. April 25–26: Seoul, South Korea, K.E.Y PLATFORM 2019
  20. April 17, MOBI Panel, Shanghai. Mo discussed how blockchain technology would help to connect virtual and real world together.
  21. April 11–13, Sydney, Australia, Edcon 2019: Build and Operate Internet-Scale dApps on Celer Network
  22. April 6, San Francisco East Bay, California, USA, IEEE Industry Summit on Future Technology For Smart Cities
  23. March 13–14, Token2049 in HongKong: Dr. Qingkai Liang, co-founder of Celer Network, presented at scalability panel at the Token2049.
  24. March 5–7, EthCC in Paris, France
  25. March, 2019 Celer’s Demo Day at 500 Startups!
  26. February 28, Mo Dong, co-founder of Celer Network, presented on the 500 Startups Demo Day.
  27. February 15–17, 2019, Celer Network at ETHDenver: 2,600 Users, Web SDK, Telegram Instant Payment, Real-Cash Games and More!
  28. Feb. 16–17,NEO DevCon. Dr. Junda Liu, the co-founder of Celer Network, gave a presentation on Celer Network technology.
  29. December 7–9, 2018: ETHSingapore: Celer participated in ETHSingapore as one of the judges for this hackathon. Mo Dong presented to developers on how to use Celer SDK and build scalable dApps on Celer Network. One team built an Interactive game on Celer which attracted a lot of positive feedback. Devpost Submissions
  30. December 9–11, 2018, Join Celer at World Digital Asset Summit and Hacker Arena Hackathon
  31. November 29–30, 2018: BUIDL Seoul 2018: Cofounder Qingkai Liang joined the panel on “Solving the Trilemma with Novel Ideas”. Celer also hosted a workshop on building with Celer SDK at the conference.
  32. November 2, 2018: iExec Summit event. Mo Dong was invited to join this blockchain and technology themed workshops, talks and discussions. At this event, Mo shared his insight on the future of scalability and how to build blockchain infrastructure.
  33. Nov. 1, 2018: at the Devcon4, Mo presented on how to build and operate internet-scale Ethereum dApps on Celer Network to hundreds of developers.
  34. October 30-November 2, 2018: Celer Network is coming to DevCon4 in Prague Celer participated in devcon in Prague. Over 2,500 developers around the world attended Devcon4.
  35. October 10–11, 2018: Crypto Economics Security Conference, CESC 2018. Mo Dong presented how to use Celer to solve liquidity shortage and state availability challenge in off-chain scaling platform to the crowd.
  36. October 10, 2018: 500 blockchain-state of scaling-progress & challenges panel discussion: Mo Dong joined the panel discussion and talked about the latest developments & breakthroughs across scaling solutions; current scaling challenges projects are working on; key milestones for the next 6–12 months; and how new developers, founders, industry experts can get involved.
  37. October 8–9, 2018: At San Francisco Blockchain Week, Celer hosted a 1.5hr-workshop during the conference, which taught developers how to build highly scalable and responsive dApps with Celer mobile and Go SDK.
  38. October 5–7, 2018: At ETH San Francisco hackathon, Celer invited all developers to join them to learn how to build highly scalable and responsive dApps with Celer mobile and Go SDK. Celer team served as one of the judges and mentors in the largest Ethereum hackathon. Projects building on top of Celer: off-chain prediction market, microservices with SLA guarantee, IDE UX for developing on Celer Network, and financial derivatives trading market with instant order matching, Hackathon link | Devpost Submissions
  39. September 8, 2018: At Ethereum Industry Summit, Xiaozhou Li was invited to Ethereum Industry Summit in Hong Kong. At this summit, Xiaozhou gave a keynote speech on building and operating internet-scale dApps on Celer Network.
  40. September 5, 2018: P.O.D — 36Kr: co-founder Xiaozhou Li was invited to P.O.D Meeting in Beijing organized by Odaily and 36Kr. Xiaozhou gave a keynote speech on building and operating internet-scale dApps on Celer Network as well as joined the panel to discuss the roadmap of blockchain technology.For a summary of the talk in Chinese, please click here
  41. August 28, 2018: Mars Blockchain Summit — Mars Finance. Mo Dong shared his view on future blockchain and how Celer can help blockchain scale at one of the panels.
  42. August 17–19, 2018: Crypto 2018. Mo Dong joined the Crypto 2018 at Santa Barbara. Guests including Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum), Zooko Wilcox (Zcash), Mic Bowman (Intel), and Dawn Song (UC Berkeley), etc. The main discussion was about blockchain development and the future of dApps.
  43. July 25, 2018: Co-founder Dr. Qingkai Liang gave a special seminar at the MIT on July 25th. The seminar talked about the technical innovation of Celer Network, including off-chain payment network routing and how scalability would transform blockchain technology.
  44. June 30, 2018: Off The Chain at Berlin, Germany: This event specifically targets those interested in state channels as a scaling solution for cryptocurrencies. Celer was invited to one of the most high-profile research workshops with some of the best researchers in off-chain research field. Xiaozhou Li presented “Rethinking Off-Chain Payment Network Routing” at this master workshop.
  45. June 26, 2018: Blockchain Connect Conference at Silicon Valley. Mo Dong discussed “Off-chain Scaling Platform: the Inflection Point for Blockchain Mass Adoption”.
  46. June 10–12, 2018: CPC Crypto DevCon at Computer History Museum: Mo Dong shared how scalability would transform blockchain technology at the “Scalability” panel.


  1. Oct 10, 2019, Layer 2 Meetup: Osaka Edition
  2. Oct 9, Devcon5 Blockchain Research Meetup
  3. Oct 9, Blockchain Gaming Panel at Devcon
  4. Oct 9, Crypto in Asia
  5. Oct 8, The Web3 Layer Cake Meetup
  6. Oct 7, Osaka Ethereum Lightning Talks
  7. Sep 20–22, Game Oasis Hackathon with Binance and CocosBCX
  8. Sep 18, 2019, Meetup with Polkadot network
  9. Sep 18, 2019, IOSG 6th Shanghai Meetup in Shanghai
  10. Sep 10, 2019, “Building with Celer” in San Francisco
  11. Sept 6, 2019, Celer x Conflux meetup in Shanghai
  12. Aug 2019, Binance Meetup in Qingdao
  13. July 17, 2019, Binance Meetup in Seoul
  14. July 16, 2019, Cocos-BCX & Celer Hong Kong Meetup in Hong Kong
  15. Jun 2019, Binance meetup in Xi’an China
  16. Jun 2019, PoS CEO Summit in Palo Alto
  17. May 2019, Co-founder Mo co-hosted the Ethereum meetup on Generalized Layer 2 Solutions in Seoul
  18. May 1, Seoul, South Korea, Seoul Ethereum meetup on Generalized Layer 2 Solutions
  19. February 14, 2019, Denver: Chainlink & Celer: Combining real-world and layer-2 scalability
  20. January 28, 2019, San Francisco: KryptoSF: Let’s Recap 2018 & BUIDL for 2019
  21. November 30, 2018, Mountain View:Celer Network Whitepaper Study Group
  22. November 29, 2018, Seoul: Ethereum Layer-2 Scaling Solutions
  23. November 17, 2018, Beijing: Building and operating internet-scale dApps on Celer Network
  24. November 16, 2018, San Francisco: Lay the foundation to mass adoption dApps
  25. November 14, 2018, Hangzhou: Building and operating internet-scale dApps on Celer Network
  26. November 13, 2018, Shanghai: Building and operating internet-scale dApps on Celer Network
  27. November 11, 2018, Beijing: Building and operating internet-scale dApps on Celer Network
  28. November 10, 2018, Shenzhen: Building and operating internet-scale dApps on Celer Network
  29. November 8, 2018, Amsterdam: Technology and Crypto-economics for Blockchain Layer-2 Scalability
  30. November 7, 2018, Paris: Technology and Crypto-economics for Blockchain Layer-2 Scalability
  31. November 5, 2018, Berlin: Technology and Crypto-economics for Blockchain Layer-2 Scalability
  32. October 29, 2018, Prague: The Future of Layer-2
  33. October 20, 2018, Beijing: Next Generation Blockchain
  34. October 12, 2018, San Francisco: Celer SDK Private launch party
  35. October 8, 2018, San Francisco, The Future of Layer-2
  36. August 7, 2018, San Francisco: SF Ethereum Developers MeetupSubscribe to our newsletter to learn more:

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