Celer Network 43rd Weekly Project Progress Report (6/24–6/28)

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Dear Community,

Happy Friday! Here is our 43rd weekly project progress report on our community building and technology development! Meanwhile, you can also follow our Twitter account for more updates from Celer Network.

Mainnet Launch Exclusive Early Access

Ready for our alpha mainnet launch? The world’s first Generalized State Channel Network is scheduled to go live on July 8th! Signup in the form (http://bit.ly/celer_mainnet ) to have a chance to be selected as our EXCLUSIVE early testers before public release! Stay tuned!

Past Events:

1. Talk at Facebook with the Libra team

This week, our co-founder Mo was invited to Facebook Headquarter and gave a talk about Celer Network to @Libra_team. We applaud the open-source initiatives that Libra contributes to the community. We are looking into an open-source prototype of Celer state channel on Libra. Stay tuned.

2. Celer and Wyre Partner for Zero Fee Mobile dApps with Liquidity

Jun 27, 2019, Celer and Wyre announced an official strategic partnership. The integration between Celer and Wyre will allow CelerX’s users to directly purchase cryptocurrencies to their layer-2 wallet addresses on Celer Network instead of to layer-1 blockchain addresses. Therefore, users will be able to immediately use purchased ERC-20 tokens, such as DAI stable tokens, to play fun games and send payments.

3. “One-stop shop” article “Everything you need to know about Celer Network”

You can find everything you need to know about Celer Network in this comprehensive one-stop shop article. We will make sure it will be updated regularly.

View at Medium.com

4. Test your Celer knowledge and win CELR tokens!

Have read the above “one-stop shop” article “Everything you need to know about Celer”? Take the quiz to test your Celer knowledge and get a chance to win $10 equivalent CELR tokens!

View at Medium.com

Upcoming Events:

1. BuildETH, San Francisco July 19, 2019

Meet Celer at BuildETH on Fri, July 19 in San Francisco and join the roundtable discussion “Celer Network” with our co-founder Mo Dong.



  • Finalizing the last few features before mainnet
  • Integrated security policies
  • Fixed bugs


  • Deploy new system stack using Kubernetes
  • Resolve setup issues and microservice dependencies
  • Continue end-to-end system testing for the upcoming release


  • Twitter: 16,032
  • Telegram: 29,832
  • Wechat: 9,939

Thank you for reading our 43rd weekly report! Please join our telegram group to stay in touch and ask us questions!! We will see you next week!

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Celer State Guardian Network Security Upgrade

In Celer, we prioritize security with a comprehensive approach to protocol, code, and defense-in-depth operational security. A coding vulnerability in the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) security...
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