Celer Network 45th Weekly Project Progress Report (7/8–7/12)

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Dear Community,

Happy Friday! Here is our 45th weekly project progress report on our community building and technology development! Meanwhile, you can also follow our Twitter account for more updates from Celer Network.

Past Events:

1. Mainnet Launch, July 8th

We have successfully launched our miannet on July 8th! Celer Network’s alpha-mainnet launch, Cygnus, marks the beginning of the world’s first Generalized State Channel Network, starting from Ethereum. It opens up an entirely new dimension of blockchain layer-2 scalability with real-time and zero-fee interaction, instant micropayments and low-latency interoperability for decentralized Apps.

We would like to thank our community for your continued support, we could not achieve this milestone without you!

2. Celer Network Alpha Mainnet Technical Guide

Along with our eSports dApp — CelerX, we’ve released CelerX eSports Gaming SDK for our developer friends who’re interested in building fun games.

Check our Alpha Mainnet Technical Guide for all the key features and tutorial videos. Happy BUIDLing!!

View at Medium.com

3. Celer Network to Integrate Dai into CelerX Mobile App

This week, we announced an official strategic partnership with MakerDao, the creator of Dai, the world’s first decentralized stable coin based on the Ethereum blockchain, to bring Dai stable tokens to Celer’s layer-2 scaling platform.

4. Mainnet Carnival and mainnet launch event #findcnicorn

To celebrate mainnet launch, we’ve organized a mainnet carnival with all the CelerX players on July 8th. During the mainnet launch week, there’re fun events like #findcnicorn. The community gathered together and shared their love of our famous mascot Mr. C’nicorn on social media.

The #findcnicorn campaign is still ongoing, you are welcome to join us!

Here’s a peek of the fun Fish Jump game on CelerX:

Upcoming Events:

1. Cocos-BCX & Celer Hong Kong Meetup, July 16, Hong Kong

Join @CocosBCX and us in Hongkong for a night of blockchain gaming! We will talk about blockchain’s value prop for the gaming industry and how to integrate and monetize games with CelerX eSport Gaming SDK with two lines of code. RSVP here

2. Meet Celer at BuildETH on July 19 in San Fransico

Meet our co-founder Dr. Mo Dong and join the roundtable discussion “Celer Network”. Visit http://BuildEth.io for information and registration.

3. State of Scale Hackathon, July 19–21, Los Angeles

The State of Scale hackathon will be a weekend event with mentors representing leading projects & organizations like Celer, Connext, SpankChain, Abridged, and Ethereum Foundation.

4. Talk at BUIDL Asia 2019, July 22–23, Seoul

Our co-founder Dr.Qingkai Liang is invited by BUIDL Asia 2019 as a speaker. He will discuss “Lessons learned running a Layer-2 generalized state channel network on Ethereum” with the community.



  • Fixed bugs, handled corner cases
  • Improved code quality and app stability
  • Designed APIs for new features for Q3


  • Post-launch monitoring of the system and investigating issues
  • Improved logging and deployment of game server
  • Continued work on cEconomy for Q3 milestone


  • Twitter: 17,440
  • Telegram: 28,467
  • Wechat: 10,007

Thank you for reading our 45th weekly report! Please join our telegram group to stay in touch and ask us questions!! We will see you next week!

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