Celer Network 50th Weekly Project Progress Report (8/12–8/16)

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Dear Community,

Wow, we can’t believe that this is our 50th weekly project progress report on our community building and technology development! We’ve complished a lot and thank you for being a part of our journey. 🙌 Please don’t forget to follow our Twitter account for more updates from Celer Network.

Ongoing Campaigns:

  1. Trade CELR and Play CelerX Games: we are giving out $100,000 in BNB and a Trip to Osaka, Japan with Binance. Join us now and download CelerX to win!


2. Global Game Oasis Hackathon: call for all game developers! We invite you to join us for the Game Oasis Hackathon and experience how you can improve the current gaming experience!


Upcoming Events:

1. Web3 Summit, Aug 19–21, Berlin Germany

We will be at Web3 Summit to meet and collaborate with developers on Web3 technology stack.

Our co-founder Dr. Qingkai Liang will be talking about the Lessons Learned Running The World’s First Layer-2 Generalized State Channel Network on Ethereum.

2. DAPPCON– Developer Conference for Ethereum Dapps & Infrastructure, Aug 21–23, Berlin

We will be joining DAPPCON this year at Technical University Berlin. We hope to establish some great connections with Ethereum developers, researchers, and enthusiasts in Germany.



  • Finished user account feature, ready to launch internal test
  • Iterating the add-fund to Celer Pay flow
  • Integrating FIAT on-boarding
  • Fix bugs and improved stability


  • Operation support for Binance campaign
  • Improve integration tests and increase parallelism
  • Complete system and business logic metrics system
  • Complete SGN consensus component


  • Twitter: 18,100
  • Telegram: 27,277
  • Wechat: 9,996

Thank you for reading our 50th weekly report! Please join our telegramgroup to stay in touch and ask us questions!! We will see you next week! 🙌

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