Celer Network 51st Weekly Project Progress Report (8/19–8/23)

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Dear Community,

Happy Weekend! Here is our 51st weekly project progress report on our community building and technology development! Meanwhile, you can also follow our Twitter account for more updates from Celer Network.

CelerX reached $1.4 M+ total prizes

A huge shout out to Celer community! Since 7/8 mainnet launch, CelerX has reached $1.4M+ total prizes awarded, 11K players and 300K matches from 88 countries.

Upcoming Events:

1. ETHPlanet Ethereum Hackathon, Shenzhen 8/24–8/25

We just arrived in Shenzhen and will participate ETHPlanet Ethereum hackathon! We will share with everyone how to achieve sustainable monetization for dApps using Celer Network’s SDK! Come and meet us here!

Past Events:

1. Web3 Summit

Our cofounder Qingkai Liang shared with the community at Web3 Summit the exploding adoption on CelerX users, developers and partners after Celer Network’s alpha mainnet launch.

2. DAPPCON– Developer Conference for Ethereum Dapps & Infrastructure, Aug 21–23, Berlin

Our co-founder Qingkai presented at DAPPCON Berlin during #BerlinBlockchainWeek and discussed our recent mainnet releases: #CelerX, the CelerX Gaming SDK, and the Celer Web SDK.

3. Binance Meetup, Qingdao

So great to meet everyone and host a blockchain gaming competition at Binance meetup in Qingdao (a port city in China’s eastern Shandong province). It was insightful to discuss with the gamers, developers on layer-2 scalability solutions and blockchain gaming.

4. Binance Russian Community AMA, Aug20

Celer X Binance Russian AMA has been held on August 20. Users from the Russian Community joined us and learned about our recent progress and the new game Not Not!

Ongoing Campaigns:

Global Game Oasis Hackathon: call for all game developers! We invite you to join us for the Game Oasis Hackathon and experience how you can improve the current gaming experience!

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  • Technical support for the Binance campaign
  • Integrating FIAT on-boarding
  • Refined user account feature


  • Operational support for the Binance campaign
  • Start DPoS development
  • Implemented multi-OSP route table updates and OSP discovery
  • Continued work on the Celer Web client


  • Twitter: 18,240
  • Telegram: 27,115
  • Wechat: 9,996

Thank you for reading our 51st weekly report! Please join our telegram group to stay in touch and ask us questions!! We will see you next week! 🙌

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