Celer Network at DevCon5 in Osaka, State Channels Summit, and Blockchain Gaming Panel

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Following last year’s high-profile DevCon4 in Prague, this October, the DevCon5 in Osaka became the center of attention again. DevCon is Ethereum’s annual conference for developers, researchers, and thinkers. It’s not only an Ethereum family reunion but also an intensive exchange of the latest technological breakthroughs and project development in the decentralized protocols and culture.

At this year’s DevCon, topics including DeFi, DAO, privacy, and Ethereum 2.0 came under the spotlight. Ethereum shared the up-to-date progress of the Ethereum 2.0 including the development experience and the transition from Ethereum 1.0 to 2.0. The conference also shed light on the upgrading of the decentralized application user experience, crypto economy, and DeFi.

Celer Network is honored to be invited to attend this year’s DevCon5 in Osaka. Together with other layer-2 projects, co-founder of Celer Network, Liang Qingkai, shared Celer’s technology design and announced its latest protocol specifications at the State Channels Summit on October 8, which aroused an enthusiastic reaction from the audience.

Moreover, at the DevCon Blockchain Gaming Panel on October 9, Liang discussed the possibilities of integrating and monetizing games on the blockchain. The very first eSports gaming app approved by Apple Store, CelerX, is a blockchain gaming platform which users can win real-money prizes while playing skill-based eSports games. Celer’s technology design and business models have reached maturity as CelerX has demonstrated a new monetization mode for developers’ games in addition to the current existing monetization sources.

Celer Network carries the mission of bringing interactive, scalable, secure, and low-cost applications to every blockchain. Celer Network has so far integrated its layer-2 scaling technology with multiple top-tier public chains including Ethereum, NEO and Nervos. Its alpha-mainnet launch in July 2019 embarked on the world’s first generalized state channel network.

According to Liang, this year’s DevCon5 indicated that today’s blockchain projects are developing in-depth instead of further springing up like mushrooms. The layer-2 scaling solutions like Ethereum Plasma and Celer Network have caused a splash while going hand-in-hand to reach a unified standard including frameworks and terminology.

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