Celer Network x Cocos-BCX: Jointly Scale the Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

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Celer Network’s upcoming collaboration with Cocos Blockchain Expedition (Cocos-BCX) marks a huge step toward a more vibrant blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Cocos-BCX is the world’s leading next-generation digital game economy platform, carrying the mission of creating an operating environment for the development and management of decentralized gaming applications and the circulation of digital assets on the blockchain. On the ride to building innovative technology and community standard in the blockchain space, Cocos-BCX has introduced a non-homogeneous token standard — the BCX-NHAS-1808. The 1808 standard has mapped out a whole set of unified digital asset standards and specifications which will build gateways for cross-chain asset exchange and circulation within the multiverse.

The existing blockchains’ poor processing speed and exorbitant costs have been a lightning rod for criticisms. Since its foundation, Celer Network has been striving to impart internet scale to public chains like Cocos-BCX with its layer-2 scalability solution. The blockchain agnostic Celer technology stack can be easily built on any existing blockchains with the integration of the layer-1 generalized state channel contract.

In light of this, Celer Network will dedicate its layer-2 scaling technology to Cocos-BCX’s speed upgrading and cost-cutting while helping promote the 1808 standard. Moreover, the CelerX Gaming SDK will bring smoother experience to the game developers and players within the entire Cocos gaming ecosystem with the ultimate goal to let both traditional and blockchain games thrive on CelerX.

Together with Celer Network, Binance Labs, Contentos, and Matic Network, Cocos-BCX has successfully co-hosted this year’s “Game Oasis Hackathon” in Shanghai, Seoul, and Bangalore, counting down the date for the fourth stop in San Fransisco.

The partnership will set out with integrating the CelerX Gaming SDK into the Cocos engine and launching the CelerX Gaming SDK developer package on the Cocos store. Cocos-BCX, with the whole Cocos gaming ecosystem at its back, is planning to leverage and promote CelerX in its developer community, so that both parties can share and monetize the magnitude of the game developing resources.

Celer Network PR contact: Windy Wang, windywang@celer.network

About Celer Network:

Celer Network is a leading layer-2 scaling platform that enables fast, easy and secure off-chain transactions for not only payment transactions, but also generalized off-chain smart contracts. It allows anyone to quickly build, operate, and use highly-scalable decentralized applications through innovations in off-chain scaling techniques and incentive-aligned cryptoeconomics. For more information, visit: https://www.celer.network/and join the official Celer Network community on Telegram: http://t.me/celernetwork.

About Cocos:

Cocos is one of the world’s most popular gaming engines. Since 2011, Cocos has been providing game developers across the globe with technology and service that facilitate easier game content creation. With the open-source framework Cocos2d-x and the GUI editor Cocos Creator at its heart, Cocos’ vision of “Simplify Game Creation” has sprawled to 1.4 million registered developers from over 200 countries.

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