CelerX: the world’s FIRST blockchain eSports iOS application

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Celer team is so excited to announce that CelerX debuted on App Store as the world’s FIRST blockchain eSports iOS app!

CelerX is a blockchain gaming app in which users can win real-money prizes while playing skill-based eSports games. Built with Celer Network’s layer-2 scaling technology for the blockchain, CelerX has been optimizing the user experience, irrigating the gaming world with the blockchain technology, and demonstrating a new monetization model for developers’ games in addition to the existing monetization sources.

Since CelerX was first released on Celer Network’s Cygnus mainnet, 13K users from 88 countries have played 347,937 layer-2 enabled games and earned $1,765,993 total prizes on CelerX. Players continue to come back to CelerX mostly to place “bets” on games with real-time matches and play with their friends. The feedback we have received, as can be seen in the public comments by some key influencers, are predominantly positive. Besides the popular games Fish Jump and Gomoku, CelerX also on-boarded new games such as Frog Jump and Diamond Break in the last two months. More importantly, we are working closely with game studios and developers to bring more diverse skill-based games on board to meet our players’ needs.

Moreover, a big round of applause for the new features on the CelerX Blockchain Gaming Platform.

1. Asychronize Match

A lot of solo game players often whine about the lengthy rival-matching time. Now, the “Asychronize Match” of CelerX is here to help. It allows players to complete a solo game online by themselves and have the results saved. The results will then be matched and compared with another player when they go online at a later time. This will not only slash the waiting time for an opponent but also bridge the players from different time zones across the globe.

2. Cloud Backup

On the trading platforms and blockchain apps, your private key allows access to your cryptocurrency wallet and all actions associated with your funds. That is to say, if someone gets your private key, he or she will be able to steal your assets. A private key usually consists of 64 letters and numbers or is represented by a 12-word phrase. Writing it down is surely not the safest option. Similar to the Apple Keychain, CelerX will allow users to back up their private keys or phrases on the cloud.

To celebrate the historic moment and new features, we will announce a $10K REWARD for our community soon to thank you for your continued support, please stay tuned🎉🎉!! Download now and start to win $CELR, $DAI, and $ETH prizes!

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