Celer Interview 2.0 — Alex Wu, Design Lead at Celer Network

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Welcome to the Celer interview series! Here you will learn more about the behind the scenes stories of Celer.

Today we have our design lead Alex with us.

1. Could you share with us your background? What are you working on right now?

My Name is Alex Wu, and I’m currently a Design Lead at Celer Network.

Over the past 7 years, I worked as a designer across different mediums from physical platforms to brands to products.

I started my career in TEDxTaipei during my senior year in college. As a local TED, we functioned like a startup where I wore different hats from leading on all the design coordination to execution. Within 2 years we became one of the fastest-growing quality content providers in Taiwan and received a lot of attention from the public and the TEDx community. It was where I learned more about — how future technologies will shape society, people, and design. In fact, our co-founder, Jason, is now being called a crypto congressman by Vitalik, focusing on tech regulations, especially in blockchain space in Taiwan.

Before joining Celer, I worked at SAP as a designer where I had the opportunity to work with different teams encompassing a wide range of topics. In my spare time, I enjoy helping several early-stage startups.

2. What made you join Celer Network?

I believe that our value is to create values for others. Blockchain by nature is decentralized, transparent, and immutable and thus, could potentially solve a lot of problems we see in our society. As we do our part in contributing to the adoption of blockchain technology, I am excited about being part of this exciting movement, and Celer could be an indispensable catalyst in bringing blockchain to our daily lives. This is why I joined Celer.

3. Tell us about a typical workday of yours.

My current day to day work is usually to work with the PM (product manager) to understand the feature requirements, lead the design across the entire product lifecycle. I partner closely with Yan, our mobile engineering lead, to find elegant and practical solutions and to carefully implement our product offerings.

4. Could you share more about CelerX and the design philosophy behind it? What’s your favorite CelerX game and what’s your highest score?

CelerX started as the most advanced layer-2 crypto wallet that can send crypto payment instantly without fees, now it becomes a game platform that accepts USD and crypto payment. The journey to create a seamless user experience is never easy, especially when it comes to blockchain. There are so many industry jargon and metaphors that are not being translated well in the blockchain industry or set for a standard. My goal is to make our design as simple as possible, having a consistent design across the app and present the integrity of its aesthetics. Bringing order to this complex problem space and bringing some modern touch to crypto gaming. And hopefully, embody an actual example of the use of blockchain.

Currently, my favorite game on CelerX is Fruit Punch which soon will be our first single-game release (outside of our CelerX mobile application). It’s fun and easy to get started!

5. What is your next plan in helping CelerX to provide an even better user experience?

We released CelerX a few months ago, and it became the first crypto game platform that is available on the App Store. It’s not only a milestone for the crypto community but also for the masses as we progressively bring crypto to people’s lives in the context that people are familiar with and can relate to.

It’s so exciting to see our product finally getting shipped but there are still many details to be improved and polished as well as many coming features that need to be implemented. I will continue to iterate on the design to bring a better user experience to our audience.

6. What’s your hobby? What do you do for fun besides work?

I’m a Shiba Inu owner. Her name is Leica. She’s an adorable girl and she’s just over a year now. The very first thing I do after work is to take her for a walk. Shiba is known to be a breed for its high energy, so during the weekends, my wife and I will take her to the dog park or other Shiba meetups to release her energy out! Leica has her own Instagram account (shiba.leica), and she encourages everyone to follow 😉

7. Anything else you want to share with the Celer community?

It’s exciting to be part of this transformation and movement — to break things, to see the world gradually embracing new opportunities and enter a new age that we can imagine.

I would like to thank our community for supporting us and watching us grow. The support from our audiences is what motivates us to work hard and keep bringing the best product to the market.



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