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Dear Community,

We are happy to announce that the Celer Network team is coming to ETHDenver and we are coming prepared with a huge wave of milestones. 💪💪💪


  1. Celer is launching the next-generation mainnet and the first generic and decentralized layer-2 “watch tower” service: State Guardian Network’s Testnet at ETHDenver. Staking is also coming with State Guardian Network.
  2. Build with Celer SDKs: CelerX Gaming SDK, Celer Web Client SDK
  3. Play CelerX games, win big prizes: we prepared fun and exciting campaigns for ETHDenver, please stay tuned!
  4. #CelerMainnetName campaign: From Feb. 1 to Feb. 13, based on our previous naming convention, guess what the name is for our second version mainnet. Retweet with the correct answer to win $$$ giveaway!

What cool stuff are we bringing to the show?

Celer @ ETHDenver 2020 Workshop Schedule

First, for the BUIDLers, we don’t want to just hand out some hackathon rewards and forget about the cool ideas from our hackers. Our goal is to help generate sustainable profits for the cool dApps you build at ETHDenver. To that end, we are presenting a set of Celer layer-2 scalability SDKs which only take two lines of code and 10mins to integrate with strong focus on monetizing your awesome dApp ideas. For detailed bounty information, stay tuned for our next medium post! 😎😎

Download CelerX: celerx.app

Second, we are bringing CelerX, the world’s first real-money eSports mobile app built with Celer Network’s layer-2 scaling technology. You can play and compete with other players from all over the world and win prizes in CELR, ETH, DAI or any other ERC-20 cryptocurrencies. We are hosting grand tournaments with total prize pools of $2000 during ETHDenver. In addition, we are giving out 1200 BuffiDAO XPs in collaboration with ETHDenver for just playing fun games!

Celer Milestones

Third, Celer never stops shipping and we are launching not one but two important technical milestones at ETHDenver. First is our next-generation mainnet and second is the first generic and decentralized layer-2 “watch tower” service: State Guardian Network’s Testnet. We look forward to your participation and have fun bounties prepared for early adopters and testers!

Finally, we will announce a nice surprise as we continue to advance the layer-2 technology horizon for the blockchain community.

To know more details, read on! 😄

Build with Celer SDKs: Time to monetize your dApps

Why has the blockchain developer ecosystem not exponentially grown to a scale on the same level of iOS and Android ecosystems?

Two simple reasons: First, developers in blockchain ecosystems cannot make healthy profits like those in Android and iOS ecosystems. Therefore it is not possible to have the developer “retain” in the ecosystem for a long time without significant venture funding or subsidization. Second, largely due to the first reason, the developer base of “blockchain developer” is too small to form a strong network effect.

Celer Network is here to build a positive feedback loop by allowing developers to monetize their dApps sustainably and targeting huge general developer bases who do not necessarily know about blockchain.

CelerX Gaming SDK

To achieve that, we released CelerX Gaming SDK. CelerX Gaming SDK targets a general gaming developer base with zero requirements of blockchain knowledge. Developers can immediately start to share revenue with the CelerX eSport gaming app by just adding two lines of code to integrate their great games contents in CelerX mobile gaming platform.

Integrating with CelerX does not mean writing complicated blockchain code, handling of smart contract infrastractures, understanding the concept of gas or anything like that. Instead, it simply means a new monetization channel with no influence of the existing monetization channels the game developers already have.

We have seen great successes. With hundreds of games submitted by developers around the world, we have launched 17 high quality, hyper-casual games on our CelerX mobile gaming platform. No blockchain experience needed. For our gaming studios partners, they have seen on average 4X higher ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User) compared to traditional monetization methods such as advertisements for the same games.

At ETHDenver, we will give a step-by-step guide to our CelerX Gaming SDK and let everyone walk away with a fully working CelerX Game.

Celer Web Client SDK

In addition to the Celer Gaming SDK that focuses on one vertical, we continue to push the adoption with our web3 compatible state channel light client release. Celer Network light client implements the core pieces of our open-source protocol specification and can integrate seamlessly with web3 providers like Metamask, Trust Wallet, imToken and more.

With this SDK, you can access the full functionality of Celer’s layer-2 scaling platform. Here are some exciting projects built on top of Celer , check them out:

We look forward to seeing your great hacks with Celer’s SDKs.

Play Games, Win Prizes

Since last ETHDenver, we have made tremendous progress on user adoption: in a very short period after our mainnet launch, we have seen players spend $2M in the application while reaching more than 60K monthly active users with close to 1 MILLION matches played around 88 different countries in the world! The traction numbers are growing by more than 10% every week consistently.

What’s more exciting is we are attracting users outside of the closed blockchain community. One step closer to achieve our goal: bring mass adoption to the blockchain world! Our users don’t require any blockchain experience to enjoy fun games on CelerX. With Celer Network’s trust-free layer-2 scalability technology in place, there is no user friction like gas fee or transaction delays that stop most of the everyday users to access blockchain applications today. Please stay tuned for our fun and exciting campaign at ETHDenver! 🙌 🙌

This year ETHDenver is offering the world’s first in-event live video game application powered by a DAO: the Gamified BuffiDAO Ecosystem. It will feel like a mix of old school D&D board game and decentralized app. We are super excited to participate in the gamified ecosystem and can’t wait to see how you would engage with us!

Just to reveal some of the activities that you can earn XP with Celer to bump up your ranking in all ETHDenver attendees:

  • Check-in and say hi to Celer Team! We won’t bite, don’t worry.
  • Putting our adorable c’nicorn stickers on your laptop!
  • Download CelerX.
  • 1000XP activity! 🎆 🎆 We will reveal our highest XP activity right before ETHDenver, please stay tuned and don’t miss out on the opportunity! 😛

Celer Mainnet Upgrade

We’ve accomplished many milestones along the way in terms of Celer technology and product development. We launched our first version of testnet, Centauri on October, 2018 at San Francisco Blockchain Week and the second release of Celer Network’s testnet, Sirius Testnet, is announced on February 2019 at ETHDenver. In July, 2019, we officially launched Celer Network Alpha-Mainnet Cygnus which was well loved by our community. To further enhance and test out our cEconomy components, we launched cEconomy Liquidity Backing Alpha Testnet at the end of 2019.

To keep our tradition, at ETHDenver, we are launching our second version of mainnet. We will unveil all the features and major updates when we hit Feb 14th. But right now, you must be curious about what’s gonna be the name of the mainnet. 😝 😝

Well, how about we have some fun and take a guess? Hint: figure out what our naming convention is from our past releases. 😉 😉

Simple three steps to join #CelerMainnetName:

From Feb. 1 to Feb. 13, to celebrate our upgraded mainnet release on Feb. 14, come and join #CelerMainnetName campaign on Twitter to win $ giveaway!

  1. Retweet this campaign link with your guess for Celer’s mainnet name
  2. Include hashtag #CelerMainnetName
  3. Tag @CelerNetwork and three of your friends

We will randomly select 5 participants who guessed the name right on Twitter to give out $50 reward. Be creative and think carefully, and you may join the campaign multiple times. We will send your reward directly to your CelerX account! 😎

Staking is coming with State Guardian Network

Along with the mainnet launch, we are preparing and gearing up to the second part of our cEconomy stack: State Guardian Network. State guardian network (SGN) is an efficient and scalable sidechain that eliminates the layer-2 scaling systems, such as state channel and other layer-2 scaling solutions’ security risks and usability hassles caused by the off-chain availability problem. It provides highly reliable and decentralized services including payment channel guardian, delegated payment receiver, and app connectivity oracle for Celer state channel users.

Users of Celer Network can stake or delegate their CELR tokens and become a state guardian and protect all the users on open Celer Network and receive rewards in the forms of guarding fee and block reward. We will announce and start our SGN public Testnet testing process at ETHDenver in preparation for the mainnet launch of staking and protection.

Details of the staking reward schedule and instructions on how to run staking nodes will be released in the coming months as we complete the testing process of SGN.

One more surprise!

Cool stuff does not end here. As we keep building and shipping, we continue to expand our horizon and technical reach along with the development of the crypto community. At ETHDenver, we will announce something very cool that we have been working on for sometime and share how this new piece will influence and fit into our long-term vision of a holistic blockchain scaling platform.

For now we will keep you all in suspense. 😉

We look forward to seeing you at ETHDenver!

Where to find the Celer Network team?

Celer Network’s core engineers will be present at ETHDenver wearing our signature c’nicorn t-shirt to provide instructions and any help you may need to guide you through the hacking process. To connect with the Celer team ahead of time, please join our Discord and Telegram channel. Make sure to download CelerX and stop by at our booth to receive your c’nicorn t-shirt!

ETHDenver 2019

Please stay tuned for more details about our onsite campaign and bounty information! Definitely follow our Twitter to keep updated. We look forward to your brilliant works!!

If you haven’t registered for ETHDenver already, apply now and don’t miss out on one of the biggest blockchain hackathon for the year.

Follow Celer Network at:

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