Celer Network Token Release Status Update

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Dear community,

As we have entered the exciting new year of 2020, we would like to provide a few highlights on our current token release status. Since our launch on March 19, 2019 on Binance Launchpad, we have been releasing the tokens according to this schedule.

As of Feb 5th 2020, a few highlights to note:

  1. We have completed all token releases for all private and seed investors. There will be no more investors token unlock in the future.
  2. Foundation reserve tokens have been unlocked for 5.19% of the total supply according to the schedule, we have not used or sold any of the foundation reserve tokens.
  3. Team token has been unlocked for 6.10% of the total supply. Our team members have all chosen to not move or sell any token releases from the team allocation starting from the very first release.
  4. The total amount of token released as of today is 49.61% of total supply.

As we start to launch cEconomy components, we will detail out the token economics for the SGN staking and PoLC bootstrapping soon regarding the 25% mining reserve.

Thank you for your continued support!

Celer Team

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