Celer Network 76th Weekly Project Progress Report (2/17–2/21)

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Dear Community,

Happy Weekend! 🙌 Here is our 76th weekly project progress report on our community building and technology development! Meanwhile, you can also follow our Twitter account for more updates from Celer Network.

Past Events:

1. ETHDenver Recap

We had an awesome time at ETHDenver 2020. It was amazing to meet all of the developers, community supporters, and blockchain enthusiasts who stopped by at our booth! During the event, we’ve announced several exciting milestones with the community. Read our recap article to see what happened during ETHDenver this year.

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2. Adding Celer Layer-2 Scalability to Polkadot

Celer Network and Web3 Foundation are partnering to develop advanced layer-2 scalability on the Polkadot ecosystem. Read more here:

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3. Adding Hybrid PoS-Rollup Sidechain to Celer’s Coherent Layer-2 Platform on Ethereum

The Celer Network team is excited to announce that we are adding a hybrid PoS-Rollup sidechain to the Celer’s coherent layer-2 scaling platform with EVM-compatibility on Ethereum.

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  • Preparing the new CelerX app for next week’s release
  • Preparing the improved Solaire game for next week’s release
  • Fixed bugs and improved stability


  • Continue implementing next phase CelerX features
  • Operational support and analyzing issues
  • Start the design of rollup sidechain


  • Twitter: 19,273
  • Telegram: 23,205
  • WeChat: 9,766

Thank you for reading our 76th weekly report! ♥️Happy Valentine’s Day! Please join our telegram group to stay in touch and ask us questions!! We will see you next week! 🙌

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