Celer Network at ETHDenver 2020

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We had an awesome time at ETHDenver 2020. It was amazing to meet all of the developers, community supporters, and blockchain enthusiasts who stopped by at our booth!

Celer Network ETHDenver Bounty Winner and ETHDenver Finalist

First of all, let’s congrats to our cGamer award winning team — 1 Million Blocks also winning the ETHDenver finalist. We are really excited to see them using layer-2 scaling to build super smooth UI/UX games on Ethereum. Ben and Pablo did a great job integrating CelerX gaming SDK, with only 2 lines of code, developers can easily integrate and monetize their HTML5 games. Let’s hear what Ben and Pablo has to say about their experience:

Pablo: “I’ve always wanted to build more applications and try to see how you can monetize different software that’s available online. That’s when I saw CelerX. It’s very easy to implement. You can take almost any game and put these features inherently gives blockchain values. You can now bet among friends and play online games.”

Check out CelerX Gaming SDK yourself and start to monetize your game:


Celer Open Source Lyra Mainnet Upgrades

During ETHDenver, we released our second version mainnet — the Lyra Mainnet with production-grade open source code. The state channel network’s full node code only requires less than 10MB minimal memory and can support 1,000 clients on one t2.micro instance with 1CPU, 1G memory (only $61 to run a whole year). This marks the world’s first multi-hop-networked state channel open-source release.

Celer State Guardian Network Staking Testnet

We also launched the State Guardian Network staking testnet. State guardian network (SGN) is an efficient, general-purpose and scalable decentralized “watchtower” that ensures the state channel state security and smooth usability. To get familiar with each of the roles in SGN, please refer to the following operation manuals:

We highly encourage you to sign up for the early-bird CELR staking test! Sign up here for validators and delegators.


Interact with a web portal to perform the following operations:

  • Query current list of validators and candidates, staking pool sizes and other status.
  • Delegate stakes to a validator or candidate pool
  • Withdraw states from a validator or candidate pool
  • Query and claim rewards

Validator / Candidate

Interact with the web portal to perform the following operations:

  • Initialize candidate
  • All functions as a delegator

First Crypto Tournament on CelerX

To celebrate our major releases, we launched our first ever crypto tournament on CelerX during ETHDenver. If you haven’t downloaded CelerX yet, don’t miss out on the chance to win big prizes!! Download CelerX here:


We truly appreciate all your support and we were super excited to meet all of you in Denver. Celer will keep improving and keep bringing the best tool to use and the most fun game to play. We can’t wait to see what you could build with Celer SDK! As always, please look forward to more updates from Celer Network!

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