Celer cEconomy Launch Plan — State Guardian Network Testing Program

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Continuing with our phase 1 liquidity backing alpha testnet, we now start the registration for our EXCLUSIVE State Guardian Network Testnet, one of the major components in Celer Network cryptoeconomic, the cEconomy!

State guardian network (SGN) is an efficient, general-purpose and scalable decentralized “watchtower” that ensures the state channel state security and smooth usability. It provides highly reliable and decentralized services including client channel state protection, delegated payment receiver, and app connectivity oracle through CELR staking in a decentralized sidechain construct. State Guardian Network is built as a general-purpose layer-2 state watch tower service and can be used in many other settings. For a more detailed description of the motivation and design of SGN, please refer to our Celer core architecture document at www.celer.network/docs/celercore.

What is the State Guardian Network?

  • Main chain smart contracts specify and enforce the fundamental rules and configuration of the watchtower services including roles, stakes, delegation, rewards, punishments, and fees for all SGN roles.
  • Delegators stake their CELR tokens on the main chain contracts to vote on validators and governance proposals. Delegators receive rewards proportional to their stakes in two forms: state guarding fee payments and also block rewards on the sidechain.
  • Validators are elected by the delegators as service nodes to provide services including watchtowers, connectivity oracles, and payment delegation. While offering services, these validator nodes also connect to the main chain for reward distribution and penalty execution. In addition, they bear higher responsibilities in SGN governance. With a minimal CELR token requirement to be elected, validators also receive commission rewards from their delegators.
  • Users are State Channel clients who pay subscription fees and submit service requests to the SGN.

Docs and instructions

To get familiar with each of the roles in SGN, please refer to the following operation manuals:

You can sign up here for the testing programs for validators and delegators. This testing phase will last for 1 month on Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet from March 12 to April 12. You will have one week to register for the campaign. For all registered delegators, if you are currently a CELR token holder, please leave your CELR token address. All CELR token holders will have priority to join this campaign. We will send testnet CELR to your Rinkeby Testnest address for you to vote for validators. The better your validator performs, the more reward you will receive. At the end of the SGN testnet campaign, we will reward all delegators, especially the top 3. Good luck and start registering now.

cEconomy Test Program Phase 2 SGN Testnet Instructions:

  1. Registering for validator or delegator:
    • Mar. 9 — Mar. 16: Starting this week, we sincerely invite you to register and join our EXCLUSIVE and INVITE-ONLY test program.
    • Mar. 16: All selected testers will receive an email from Celer Network including the testing link, user manual. Testers will also receive Rinkeby test tokens.
  2. Joining the private tester Telegram group:
    • You will receive the group invite link in your email.
  3. Mar. 16 — April 16, voting for your favorite validator and monitoring validators’ performance.
  4. April 16: Announce winners!


We will reward all delegators for participating and testing our State Guardian Network. We will reward the top 3 winners ranked by the ending testnet CELR balances for each delegator, based on the number of rewards the participant has. We are giving out a total of $3,000 to all delegators testers.

  • 1st: $350
  • 2nd: $250
  • 3rd: $200
  • All others split the remaining $2,200 prize pool.

For validators, if the validator supports the network for the whole month without any issue, we will prioritize to closely work with these validation organizations and communities to better support Celer Network in the future times to come.

Signup here:

We appreciate your interest and support! If you have any questions about our doc and campaign, please find us on TwitterTelegram or Discord if you have any questions!

Celer Network Team

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