Re-branding CelerX to Arcade Win

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Please meet our completed renovated gaming app Arcade Win! 🥳🥳

Why change the name and the logo?

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with CelerX and have been playing CelerX games for a while. We really appreciate all your support and feedback you provided. On Oct.25, 2019, we launched our first version of CelerX with very simple and sleek design to mainly demonstrate our technology capability. As time goes on, CelerX has been through many iterations and updates. 

“I’d like to see more games.”

“It would be great to see a gamified design.”

… … 

We hear you! So today, we present to you the newly designed Arcade Win with a new gamified flow with the new logo. Arcade Win represents games, winning and competition, which exactly are the things we’d like to focus. Arcade Win will be your one-stop-shop to play your favorite games, like solitaire, blackjack, match-3 games, and win cash prizes at the same time.

Arcade Win

What’s CelerX’s Position?

We will still keep CelerX’s social media accounts and CelerX gaming SDK. You wonder what’s CelerX’s position then? CelerX will be our main gaming platform. Arcade Win will be powered by CelerX. As well as the single title game Solitaire Win. Please stay tuned for more single title games in the future. For all developers, you can still access CelerX gaming SDK here

New features added to Arcade Win

Along with our rebranding to Arcade Win, we are excited to announce that we added some very cool and fun features.

  1. Tournament Game Replay: For each of the tournament, you will be able to see the higher ranked opponent’s game replay. Learn from the best, practice and compete again to bump up your own ranking. 

2. Daily Check-In and Prize Redemption: We added a newly designed daily check-in bonus. For a consecutive 7-day check-in, you will be able to earn up to $13 bonus cash that allows you to play real money games. For each real money game you played, you will be able to earn gems as well. If you accumulate enough gems, you will be able to win your own Tesla Model S. 

Celebration Campaign

To celebrate our major update, we are launching our first Arcade Win campaign from March 17 to March 23. We will randomly select 20 players and send $10 directly to your Arcade Win account. It is very simple to participate, please follow the instruction below:

  1. Download Arcade Win
  2. Follow @CelerX on Twitter and Facebook
  3. Retweet our re-branding tweet and tag three of your friends
  4. Enter your Arcade Win username
  5. Voilà! You are all set! If you are selected, don’t forget to check your bonus reward on Arcade Win!

We are very excited for our new release! We hope you are as excited as we are! A lot of new games and new features are scheduled on the pipeline, please stay tuned for more exciting updates! As always, please reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram if you have any questions. Shake your phone if you’d like to report any bugs or suggestions. 

Until next time!

Celer Team

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