Celer Network 88th Weekly Project Progress Report (5/9-5/15)

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Dear Community,

Here is our 88th weekly project progress report on our community building and technology development! Meanwhile, you can also follow our Twitter account for more updates from Celer Network.

Celer Launches Orion Mainnet Upgrade: Ready for Large-scale Node Expansion on Ethereum Layer-2

We are excited to launch Orion Mainnet, Celer’s latest mainnet upgrade that marks the starting of the large-scale node expansion on Celer’s State Channel Network on Ethereum. We sincerely invite our friends in the Ethereum community to join and help us to build the largest state channel network in the world on Ethereum.

  • Operational tools and docs are now available for the Ethereum community to easily spin up a state channel node and connect to the growing state channel network!
  • Running and operating Celer State Channel Node is easy and cost-effective. 
  • Exciting new features tailored for smoother user experience and high performance are released!

Read more detail here.

cEconomy SGN Alpha Testnet Report

🙌🙌After a full month of detailed testing from all delegators, we officially completed our cEconomy phase 2 State Guardian Network alpha testnet program. 

Read more here on our cEconomy SGN Alpha Testnet Report: https://blog.celer.network/2020/04/28/ceconomy-sgn-alpha-testnet-report/

Introducing Arcade Win:

🎉Introducing Arcade Win, your one-stop-shop for favorite games like Solitaire, Match-3 with multiplayer real CASH tournaments. Compete against real players to win REAL MONEY 💰prizes. No ads! Instant prize payout!

Download NOW at https://apps.apple.com/us/app/arcade-win-play-for-cash/id1459895768.

Arcade Win User Review

Why download Arcade Win (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/arcade-win-play-for-cash/id1459895768)🎮? Check out our players’ reviews!! 😍

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  • Ready to release social challenge feature
  • Ready to release in-app message feature
  • Added a new skill-based game
  • Finished project architecture for supporting external game developers


  • Continued implementation of new user profiles system
  • Internal features for data analytics, and stability improvements
  • Improve CelerNode CLI tools and tutorial
  • Launched the community state channel network: https://explorer.celer.network/
  • Started Substrate implementation of Celer Channel contracts


  • Twitter: 19.5K
  • Telegram: 21,964
  • WeChat: 9,513

Thank you for reading our 88th weekly report! Please join our telegram group to stay in touch and ask us questions!! We will see you next week! 🙌

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