Celer Network Roadmap Update

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Dear Celer community,

We previously reflected on our achievements in 2019 and recently announced a series of exciting updates including launching the production-grade Lyra mainnet upgrade, releasing the world’s first open-source state channel network full node code, launching open-source State Guardian Network testnet, announcing our move to add PoS-Rollup sidechain with full EVM compatibility and Web3 foundation partners with us to bring Celer as Polkadot’s layer-2 scaling solution. With all the exciting development, we want to take some time and look ahead to discuss our strategy for the future and list out some milestones that we are hoping to achieve together with our great community in the year 2020.


Grow to mass adoption: With the clearly identified market and exciting early success, we are doubling down on our first adoption direction of skill-based real money game and we are confident to show exciting and high growth on both user and developer fronts in 2020.

Continue to lead and deliver in state channel technology space: we will continue to lead the technology advancement and deliver planned milestones on our existing roadmap of state channel network.

Expand our layer-2 technology vision beyond state channel: Since early 2019, we envisioned a layer-2 future with a coherent and “continuously tunable” scalability platform. Celer started from State Channel Network technology and has firmly established its position in the tradeoff point of “close-to-zero cost and real-time interaction, but synchronized interacting parties’. With the development of commit-chain technology (e.g. optimistic rollup), we see a significant opportunity to expand beyond our current single-point of tradeoff and into a coherent layer-2 scaling platform where applications can automatically “slide” between the extremely low latency of state channel when interacting in real-time and the flexibility of asynchronized transaction rollups with much larger parties, with no change in contract code and seamless migration from layer-1 blockchains. We have started working in this direction and we will have a more detailed announcement out soon.

Expand ecosystem from the initial niche: with the first sustainable growth niche firmly established and a growing and easier-to-onboard technology platform, we will start to strategically identify similarly viable niches based on the lessons learned and experience gained and build a marketing niche matrix.

Roadmap Update for 2020

As the new year begins, we would like to give an update on our technology development roadmap to align with the priority adjustment and new direction in 2020.

2020 Q1

  • Celer Network state channel network Lyra mainnet upgrade with multi-node networking support
  • Celer Network state channel Lyra full node open source and security audit
  • State Guardian Network Testnet with staking reward test
  • State Guardian Network security audit
  • Celer Network PoS-Optimistic-Rollup sidechain Testnet
  • Partner with a major new layer-1 blockchain as the main layer-2 scaling solution
  • CelerX product flow upgrade to 2.0
  • Add reliable fiat onramp for European users of CelerX

2020 Q2

  • Celer Network state channel network mainnet upgrade with usability enhancements such as enhanced routing
  • Grow the number of State Channel network nodes significantly with community, partners, and developers
  • cEconomy staking mainnet launch: PoLC, LiBA, State Guardian Network
  • Celer Network PoS-Optimistic-Rollup sidechain alpha Mainnet
  • Release CelerX on world’s top major mobile app distribution platforms other than Apple App Store

2020 Q3

  • Celer Network cEconomy upgrades
  • Add layer-2 scaling support to more layer-1 blockchains
  • Celer Network PoS-Optimistic-Rollup sidechain Mainnet 1.0
  • Build easy-to-use SDKs to expand Celer use cases for other industries and business partners

2020 Q4

  • Celer Network state channel network mainnet upgrade with multi-client state syncing and recipient delegation
  • Celer Network PoS-Optimistic-Rollup sidechain Mainnet 2.0
  • Bring non-crypto users to blockchain world via CelerX mobile app

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