Light Up the World with Celer Network State Channel Phase 2

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The Light Up the World with Celer Network State Channel Phase 1 was successfully completed! 🎉 We appreciate all the support and feedback we have received from our community. The phase 1 campaign lasted for a month and has proved the reliability and stability of our network. We are excited to announce that the Light Up the World with Celer Network State Channel Phase 2 is starting today, August 20, 2020!

We are rewarding $100 each to the first 200 nodes that meets the following requirements (tracked automatically by our OSP explorer tools):

  • Have at least 2 cross-country channels.
  • Deposit at least 0.2 ETH into each channel.
  • Stay online for at least 27 days in a 30-day period.

If you are currently running Celer State Channel nodes, keep them running! Your nodes will automatically count for phase 2. If you meet the phase 2 requirements, you will win prizes. 😉

The end date for setting up a node and qualifying for Phase 2 campaign is September 20th! It only takes 30 minutes to set up with minimal hardware requirements! Don’t miss out your chance to experience Celer’s layer-2 scaling technology!

What is Celer layer-2 scaling platform?

Celer Network is a leading layer-2 blockchain scaling platform that enables fast, secure and private off-chain transactions for crypto payments and smart contract executions.

Live Celer Nodes at

Celer state channel platform is a generic framework of networked state channels with deeply optimized on-chain contracts and off-chain messaging protocols. Please checkout the overview of our system architecture and design principles to learn more. Please also checkout this repo to see step by step instructions on how to operate the off-chain Celer Nodes.

High-Level Architecture of Celer State Channel Network

CelerPay is the generalized payment channel that supports efficient off-chain token transfer with arbitrary conditions on on-chain verifiable states. It consists of a set of on-chain smart contracts and off-chain communication protocols. An off-chain payment can be multi-hop and traverse through multiple CelerPay channels.

CelerApps are generic state channels that can express any application logic. They expose the standard query APIs required by CelerPay, so that payment conditions can be based on CelerApp outcomes. CelerApp peers can directly communicate with each other without multi-hop state forwarding.

CelerNodes are the endpoints that run the state channel protocol of CelerPay and CelerApps. A node can join the state channel network by setting up a CelerPay channel with another node in the network. Once the CelerNode joins the network, it can send off-chain payments to any other nodes in the network. There will be two types of CelerNodes (running the same protocol) with different goals and characteristics:

  • Off-chain Service Provider (OSP) is always online to relay payments for their peers. An OSP usually has more capital reserve to open CelerPay channels with many peers, and strong technical capability to maintain a highly available and reliable service. The goal of this campaign is to grow the OSP network.
  • Client uses the state channel services. A client only needs to open a CelerPay channel with an OSP to become a leaf of the network. It can have as many virtual CelerApp channels with any other nodes, while all payments of the same token type will go through the same CelerPay channel with its OSP. 

Please refer to our architecture doc for more details of each module.

How to join and where to ask questions?

For instructions on how to spin up a Celer Node and join the state channel network, please refer to our open-source GitHub repo. Our team is standing by to help you set up your first Celer state channel node and join the exciting global layer-2 scaling efforts. For questions and support, please find us on Discord (preferred for technical discussions) and OSP Support Telegram group. Follow our Twitter account to keep updated!

Celer Network Team

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