State Guardian Network Beta Testnet Phase 2 Launch

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Continuing with our phase 1 State Guardian Network Beta Testnet, we now start the registration for our State Guardian Network Beta Testnet Phase 2! This will be our final testnet before we launch it on the mainnet. 🎉  We are giving away a total of $10,000 prizes for qualified validators and delegators. We appreciate all the support and feedback we have received from our community and previous testers. Without your help, we would not be able to present to you a much more steadier and reliable network. 

The State Guardian Network Beta Testnet Phase 2 will officially start today, September 11, 2020 and will last for approximately 2~3 weeks to the end of September. You can sign up today for the beta testnet for validators and delegators. If you sign up now, please expect to receive your test token on September 13. If you sign up later than September 13, please expect 1~2 days of delay to receive your test token. Please join our Discord channel for more updates. 

What is the State Guardian Network?

If you missed our previous posts, here’s a brief explanation of SGN. State guardian network (SGN) is a scalable and decentralized “watchtower” sidechain that ensures the off-chain state security and smooth usability for state channel users. It provides highly reliable and efficient services including client channel state protection, delegated payment receiver, and app connectivity oracle. SGN is decentralized and incentive-aligned through the CELR staking process that governs the layer-2 validators and rewards all layer-1 CELR stakeholders. For more details about the motivation and design of SGN, please refer to our CelerCore architecture document.

As shown in figure above, SGN mainly consists of four components: mainchain (layer-1) smart contracts, CELR delegators, sidechain (layer-2) validators, and state channel users. 

  • Mainchain contracts hold the CELR staking process. They specify and enforce the fundamental rules and configurations of roles, rewards, penalties, and fees for all network participants.
  • Delegators stake their CELR tokens on the mainchain contract to vote on validators and governance proposals. Delegators receive their shares of SGN block rewards and service fees proportional to their stakes.
  • Validators are elected by the delegators on the mainchain contract. They run sidechains under BTF consensus to offer SGN services, calculate reward distributions, and trigger penalty executions. Validators receive commission rewards from their delegators.
  • Users are state channel clients who pay service fees to the mainchain contract and submit service requests to the sidechain

Instructions and Documentations:

Validator operators should be able to follow the instructions and use the SGN CLI tools to do the following operations:

  • Set up a validator node and join the network
  • Delegate stakes to itself
  • Withdraw stakes from its own staking pool
  • Claim rewards and commissions from its own reward pool
  • Query various mainchain and sidechain states
  • Participate in mainchain and sidechain governance
  • Once a validator joins the network, it will automatically participate in the sidechain to produce sidechain blocks, offer state guardian services, and calculate reward distributions.

Delegators can do the following operations through the SGN web explorer:

  • Delegate stakes to a validator
  • Withdraw stakes from a validator
  • View and claim rewards from a validator
  • View various mainchain and sidechain information

Here is a demonstration of how to interact with the web explorer. The UI has changed a bit, but the main workflow remains the same.

Participate in Beta Testnet:

We are giving away a total of $10,000 prizes for qualified validators and delegators to reward your hard work. The top 5 most active validators and the top 100 active delegators will get prizes! Nodes run by the Celer team won’t participate in the winning process.

The Most Active Validator Reward

The Celer team will take snapshots of the active validator set periodically throughout the course of the campaign and will keep a record of the number of times each validator is slashed due to downtime. We will reward the top 5 most active validators ranked by:

[ (number of times the validator in periodic snapshots) – (number of times the validator being slashed) ] * [ (number of confirmUnboundedCandidate transactions) + 1 ]

We will provide a top validator list every day on Discord channel, please join to keep updated. Feel free to check out your own result anytime.

🏆 The Most Active Validator Prize:

#1: $1200

#2: $1100

#3: $1000

#4: $900

$5: $800

The Most Active Delegator Reward

We encourage participants to put stress on the testnet with delegating and delegating transactions. Each participant is allowed to use multiple delegator addresses (as much as you’d like). The final winning 100 delegators will be ranked by their participation score. The score for each participant will be calculated by:

[number of delegator addresses used] * [(number of delegating transactions + number of undelegating transactions)] * [number of redeemReward transactions] * [number of unique delegated validators]

  • The minimal valid delegate and undelegate amount per transaction is 1 CELR testnet token (18 decimals).
  • If you are operating through the web explorer, undelegate transactions are done through the “Confirm Withdraw” action.
  • If you are operating through CLI commands, undelegate transactions include confirmWithdraw and withdrawFromUnbondedCandidate DPoS contract transactions.

🏆 The Most Active Delegator Reward Prize:

#1: $2000

#2: $800

#3: $400

#4: $300

#5: $200

#6-#10: $100

All others will split the remaining $800 prize pool. 

If you’d like to join our SGN Beta Testnet Phase 2, please sign up today for validators and delegators! We are looking forward to seeing you on the Discord channel. We appreciate your interest and support! 

Celer Network Team

* In the event of a software bug or configuration error causing the testnet to enter an irrecoverable failure state, the Celer team reserves the right to pause or end the campaign. Participants will still be rewarded and the team will re-launch the testnet with proper bugfixes.

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