SGN Smart Contracts Audits Completed Successfully with no Major Issues

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We are excited to announce that we have completed the SGN smart contracts audit conducted by CertiK. These contracts hold the CELR staking process on Ethereum. They specify and enforce the fundamental rules and configurations for validators, delegators, staking rewards, service fees, and penalties for all network participants. Please refer to the overview of the Celer SGN architecture for more details on the contract design and functionalities.

The whole smart contract codebase has been carefully audited through CertiK static analysis and manual review. Here is the full audit report. Two minor issues (DPS-19, SGN-09) were identified and fixed. Other findings are mostly informational for enhancing the efficiency and code legibility of the contracts.

We are now moving towards SGN mainnet launch, which will be publicly accessible by all Celer delegators and state channel users soon.

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