Celer and StarkWare Collaborate To Lower The DeFi Entry Barrier

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Celer and StarkWare announce a partnership to collaborate and add a ZK Rollup version to layer2.finance’s platform offerings utilizing StarkWare’s StarkEx services and Cairo programming language to lower the barrier of entry for the growing demand of new users for DeFi applications. 

With the mission to bring DeFi to the masses, Celer Network’s layer2.finance v0.1 has launched recently on the Ethereum mainnet with Celer’s Optimistic Rollup based solution. Layer2.finance addresses the two largest challenges preventing DeFi from reaching mass adoption: high transaction fees and the difficulty to navigate and use. This novel solution allows people to access all existing DeFi protocols at a fraction of the cost through a unified interface by acting as a “DeFi Public Transportation System”. Celer’s advanced layer-2 rollup technology enables multiple people to split the cost of individual layer1DeFi transactions in a completely trust-free and non-custodial way.

Sharing the same vision, StarkWare concurrently proposed a similar architecture for addressing the demands for long-tail DeFi users, DeFi pooling. DeFi pooling utilizes StarkWare’s StarkEX infrastructure and the SHARP (Shared Prover) service to aggregate users’ funds allocation demands to DeFi protocols and achieves fast finality.  

With the shared vision and the goal to serve a diversified user demands to different types of DeFi applications, Celer and StarkWare team will collaborate to introduce a ZK-Rollup version of layer2.finance by leveraging StarkWare’s StarkEX infrastructure and the Cairo programming language. With this new addition, Layer2.finance will have not only an optimistic-rollup but also a zk-rollup version to seamlessly power different types of DeFi use cases.  Furthermore, the two leading protocols are collaborating towards a shared vision of utilizing StarkNet, a permissionless decentralized ZK-Rollup by StarkWare and Celer’s State Guardian Network as a decentralized operator layer for the ZK-Rollup version of layer2.finance. 

The efforts of this collaboration is expected to roll out later this summer. Celer Network and StarkWare will continue to collaborate on accelerating the DeFi adoption for the masses.

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