Celer Community Forum Launches

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Today, we are excited to announce that Celer Community Forum has launched in collaboration with active contributors members and open-source contributors! From now, the Celer community will have a central place to propose and discuss Celer Improvement Proposals (CIPs), ask technical questions about Celer’s layer2 scaling platform, read knowledge base articles, review historical governance decisions and system parameter changes, while having fun with other community members. 

Why the Celer forum?

Since Celer launched the world’s first State Channel Network and State Guardian Network on Ethereum mainnet back in 2019, we have been working closely with our community in growing the ecosystem and evolving Celer Network into a multi-technology, cross-chain and cross-layer scaling technology platform. Today, Celer has a high engagement of user communities of products built on top of Celer’s platform. 

Historically, our community has led many of the Celer protocol’s improvement and evolution and our community has helped build and perfect the entire platform and protocol in the open-source domain.  Just to name some most recent examples and recognize our amazing contributors:

The list goes on and to give you a preview, more news are coming such as mobile version of layer2.finance, cBridge UI and gateway service, many more strategies being built, rollup contracts on top of other blockchains and more. 

Aside from builders and open-source contributors, we want to also recognize our community organizers for helping coordinate all the efforts, answering questions from new community members, clarifying technical concepts, spreading the word about our new products and updates, and much more. Just some examples:

  • Our official telegram group now is entirely managed by community members who gradually emerged as thought leaders in Celer’s technology and community. 
  • There are multiple discussion forums and chat groups that are entirely initiated and managed by our active community members.

With much of these developments going on, our community has been continuously giving us feedback in terms of what is the best channel to communicate and discuss what kind of information. 

Though we have Telegram as a main channel of interactive real-time chat, blog as a information source for longer and detailed information, Twitter for short announcements and community engagement, our community wants a place to have structured and thoughtful discussion on Celer platform’s improvement proposals and iterations. In addition, our community wants to have a single-stop place to review all the protocol iteration decision processes and upgrades. Finally, it is clear that there is a need to find a place to coordinate on protocol governance decision implementations. All these great reasons undoubtedly justify opening up the Celer’s community forum to serve that purpose. 

How to use the Celer forum?

So one might ask, concretely speaking, what are some of the main topics to be discussed on this new forum? While the entire forum is moderated by our active community members and the vision is to see the community fit whatever makes sense to discuss, we have summarized some topics that our community cares most about:

Celer Improvement Proposals (CIPs)

Previously done mostly ad hoc through community feedback via multiple channels, Celer community believes that it is best to formalize the Celer protocol iteration and upgrade process through Celer Improvement Proposals (CIPs). CIPs covers all aspects of Celer Network’s protocol. Examples include the upgrades and the deployment parameters of State Guardian Network, adjust for the parameter of liquidity mining schedule, addition and removal of certain strategies for layer2.finance, adjust of layer2.finance fee schedule, adjustment of cBridge fee schedule and parameter settings and many many more. 

CIP drafts can be proposed by any community members and discussed first in the forum in a civil and thoughtful manner. Once well structured, draft CIPs will be assigned with CIP number and start a sentiment check on the community. As long as sentiment check passes, it will be put up for a community voting process. We hope that this process can formalize the current ad hoc community-driven protocol upgrade approach and improve the efficiency of the subsequent coordination of upgrades.

Development and Technical Discussions 

This section is to offer a dedicated place for community developers to ask about the open-source development process and inquiry about the inner workings of Celer protocol, most recent research, new development suggestions and more. 

Knowledge Vault

This will be the “record room” where key technology discussions and CIP proposals are transformed and condensed into information pieces that are easy to review and follow by new members joining our community. 

Additionally, there will, of course, be some redundant information about project updates and announcements made available in the community forum just to make it convenient for our community. 

Finally, we always appreciate your help! If you would like to help moderate the channel, please contact our active community members such as Jens and Insomniac for more details! Join us and make your first post in the forum!

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