v1.0 Testnet Launches with $20,000 Reward

2 min read v1.0 Budapest testnet is launched today on Ethereum Goerli testnet as the last step towards the highly anticipated mainnet upgrade. We hope to use this testnet as a chance to test the system under real-world usage patterns to ensure there is no issue that is not discovered during our development, review, and audit process. To incentivize community testing efforts, we are hosting a $20,000 testnet reward campaign. Join now to get started! 

What’s in the upcoming v1.0 release?

Just a quick review, v1.0 Budapest is coming with the following features:

  • Support Just-In-Time (JIT) strategy position tracking and slippage tolerance. This will allow quick diversification of DeFi strategies, including connecting to dex, derivative protocols, stable token protocols and a lot more. 
  • Safety compartmentalization of strategies. This will allow quick expansion to exciting and new strategies even if they are new and relatively unproven in the market.  
  • Multi-chain support. This will make available in other popular blockchains and even layer2s if the community proposals are raised and passed.
  • Flexible fee interface. This allows decentralized governance to control how fees are charged.
  • Decentralized governance. The process to discuss, vote and approve new strategies and change system parameters based on CELR holding including in SGN is established.
  • Liquidity mining. The functionality to launch collaborated liquidity mining directly on with partner protocols. 

We will discuss the details about each and every of these features when it comes to the mainnet launch. In this testnet phase, we focus on the reliability and usability of this new upgrade with the following testnet campaigns. 

Stability Master Competition

If you are interested in tinkering around with a new system and examining how it performs under a heavy load, the Stability Master campaign is a  perfect fit for you. In the Stability Master campaign, we’ll reward people based on the number of operations done in the system so that you are incentivized to put the system in a “pressurized” environment and help us to inspect any unexpected “leaks” in the system. 

Duration of the Competition:

07/07/2021 00:00 UTC – 07/20/2021 00:00 UTC, with daily rewards calculated with total $15,000 prizes. 

This campaign will run on a daily basis and we will reward people everyday based on the score leaderboard of that day.

Scoring Rules

We will rank users based on their Usage Scores

Usage Scores = Number of Eligible Operations done during the period of testing.

An Eligible Operation is defined as the following:

  • Deposit to L2 with a daily limit of 20
  • Withdraw to L1 with a daily limit of 20
  • Deposit and withdraw from strategy with no daily limit
  • Staking and Unstaking in Yield Farming 

Pro Tips

  • There is no need to make an excessive number of Deposits to L2 and Withdrawals to L1 operations due to the daily limit.
  • There is no disadvantage to participating later because rewards are determined on a daily basis.


Rewards for this campaign are determined on a daily basis, but we will issue all the rewards at once at the end of the campaign. 

Daily RankDaily Prizes

UI/UX Feedback Reward 

Finally, we would like to seek the community’s valuable feedback on our UI/UX and also help us in identifying any bugs or glitches in the system.

Duration of the Campaign:

07/07/2021 00:00 UTC – 07/20/2021 00:00 UTC. v1.0 has taken into many of our users’ user experience feedback and made a complete upgrade to the system UI. What our users provided us as feedback is of tremendous value. Therefore, we would love to hear your feedback on the application’s user experience.

We have again prepared a simple and free-form UI/UX feedback questionnaire for you to provide us with your input. Is there any wording in the UI that is confusing? What are the places we should add tooltips to help guide users through the application flow? Is there any functionality that should be added to make easier to use? Is there anything that is not clear or intuitive to follow? Although we always appreciate your kind words, let’s save the compliments and congratulations for after the official launch. We would very much appreciate your honest feedback on where we could do better and value your constructive criticism on how we can improve the future versions of 

Reward Rules

You can submit feedback through the questionnaire anytime during the campaign period. We will randomly select 20 high quality responses to receive a $200 reward! 

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