cBridge 2.0 Testnet Feedback Reward First-week Winners Announced

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As we launched the cBridge 2.0 test network (test-cbridge-v2.celer.network) on October 19, we started a simple feedback campaign in the meanwhile to motivate and collect feedback from users during the beta testing process in order to maximize the user experience.

During the first week of cBridge 2.0 beta, we received more than 200 test feedbacks from both English and Chinese communities.

Below is the list of feedback of high quality and the corresponding users we selected for the first week of testing.


  • Liquidity missing – Provided liquidity in BSC and Fantom, but it’s not reflected in the page. In the ‘Your liquidity’ column, I am seeing 0 value.
  • Tried to provide liquidity on BSC, the progress is still stuck on ‘Waiting for SGN confirmation’ after more than 24 hours 



  • User Interface on body text is too dark… must need add more contrast or glow, especially that for man when tired but still wanna trade
  • Need add chain explorer next to the chain option for each supported chain to make it easier for users
  • Need add about document/user guide menu
  • Need add Dark/Bright mode on platform
  • Need add new listing menu or update
  • Need add reminder or note about crosschain/cbridge min/max transfer and Fee to pay each chain,
  • estimated time of arrival crosschain
  • Need add Read more about the asset like their token smartcontract address and bridge address



Claim rewards button does not work. Specifically, I clicked “Unlock to claim” but didn’t stick around waiting for SGN. Around ~10 minutes later I came back to click “Claim”, but when I click it, nothing happens.



When you transfer really fast, you get a white screen.

This happens when you click Max amount on the Source Chain, and straight after click on Transfer. The estimated received amount on the destination chain hasn’t been calculated yet at that point. It’s still 0 when you click Transfer, and then you will get a complete white screen.

Possible solution would be to only activate the Transfer button when the received amount is calculated in the destination chain.



All of the liquidity in different network appear in the same page and it is kind of confusing. Although users are not able to access liquidity in different network and warning is pop up during accessing. I will suggest to do different tab in the same page for different network or shading for liquidity which are not able to access due to different network. This will enable users to have a clearer visual of the different liquidity.



it’s too dark for me, maybe for some people too, it would be better to make a light mode and the history section is too big I have to lower the zoom 80% from the initial 100% zoom, it would be better if it was made to extend down, that’s all great i like it



when using liquidity and adding its to the liquid pool the pending is showing in the corner but it’s not clear for use and may be confused, and after it’s added to the liquidity pool successfully nothing happens, so the user must click on another link and come back to this section to see changes.

my suggestion :

  • when process in the pending mode you can have an animated border with different colors around the pool that chosen by the user or in your liquidity cell have animated texted shows pending.
  • after liquidity is done you can push the liquidity price from the pending(top corner) section to the liquidity section chosen by the user(like shop carts on e-commerce websites)



After the confirmations of the transaction PENDING button was still active and didnt disappear within 25 sec.Also when i added some liquidity after the transactions being confirmed i needed to refresh the page in order to see the added liquidity



I suggest adding a hash value during transmission and after the interaction is completed, and click to enter the blockchain browser.



  • About the interface: in the tresfer section you should show the transaction history to the side, so it will be easier to control for users 
  • Transaction speed: – You have to improve transaction speed, sometimes it takes me too long to make a transaction – Liquidity: when adding tokens, you have to reload, Your Liquidity will display the transaction parameters 
  • I think should add trensfer function and transfer tokens to another wallet



when enter 0.0000001 amount on input add liquidity entire page go blank, same problem i submit before on sending amount input



There are two things that I would like feedback on:

First, when I click max to remove liquidity, the input box shows a comma, which makes the balance invalid. Please correct the dot here.

Second, in the Liquidity section I circled in red, you should narrow it down a bit and add an option to choose a chain to show, because next time when you support more assets, this list will be very long. If you show everything here



Here are my recommendations for testnet:

  • First of all, users will like it more if the site is in lighter colors.
  • transactions are a little slow. My tether usd transaction from valid tes network to bsc test net took at least 2 minutes.
  • Users will prefer it more if you add other networks besides goerli, phantom and bsc.
  • The appearance of the site is very simple, it would be nice if more functional buttons were added for some users.



在remove资产的时候,如果直接点Max最大值Remove会显示please enter a valid number, 但是如果手动输入MAX最大值就可以remove.



在撤回流动性时,当钱包里无法提供充足的gas fee,钱包界面点击玩拒绝后,Cbridge的页面里,这笔撤回流动性的交易不会取消,处于挂起状态,但是也没有可以让用户点击取消,或者调整这笔交易数额的功能按键。



Transfer页面中的兑换框色调有问题,“Transfer my funds”等字体颜色太暗,给人很模糊的感觉。建议页面不选择黑色作为主色调,改为亮色调。



发现了一个bug,这个bug我遇到了两次。当我从以太坊测试网向BSC跟Fantom网络Transfer my funds时一切正常。两次bug分别出现在第一次从BSC以及Fantom向以太坊测试网转账时。我用我上传的这张图片讲一下出现的情况,让技术排查一下吧。当第一次把BSC或Fantom中的USDT转到以太坊测试网的时候,点击图1中的Transfer,这时可能会闪过图2,图二停留0.1秒左右(为什么是可能会闪过图2,因为我测试过好多次,有时候闪,有时候不闪)。0.1秒后闪完图2就出现了图3,点击Approve,让你Please approve USDT before you continue the cross-chain transfer。这时候图4就会出现,点击 MetaMask钱包中的确认,但是确认一直是灰色的,根本点不了。如果点击拒绝的话,可能会出现两种情况,这两种情况我都遇到过。第一种情况是,Approve直接通过了,可以继续点击Tansfer。第二种情况是Approve没有通过,需要再次回到MetaMask钱包中点确认,但确认还是灰色的,成了个死循环。

—— 0x92DD14D24e9039da9B550926E12ED7706264bB20


V2要比V1有更多的功能开放,我在官方发布的2.0版本介绍中看到了这样一句话,“前端 SDK 的白标:允许各类多链 dApp 在本地整合 cBridge 的功能,让用户直接在其 dApp 内部进行跨链。

提供跨链消息传递功能以支持 NFT 跨链等其他应用:能够让开发者开发相比简单的资产跨链更加复杂的应用,如跨链 NFT 和跨链 DEX 等等” 。这就意味着在V2中会开放SDK或者api接口,这对于有资金量比较大的用户或者dapp来说是个很方便的功能,那为什么不把这个功能直接放在首页上呢。现在都讲究高效率,很少有人会去看你发的几千字的项目介绍,可能老用户都不知道v2版本还会开放SDK。把SDK的对接文档放在首页上,让用户一目了然就能看到,功能板块的名字可以叫“开放平台”。如果现在SDK还没做完的话,也要把对接文档的图标或指引先放上,只是里面不放内容,用户点击的话会提示敬请期待。这样能让用户知道有这个功能,而且有一个很好地预期跟愿景。



我有两个建议,一是将Transfer页面上的Received Amount (estimated)里的内容直接展现出来,让用户能直观的看到当前交易的费用、滑点等信息,而不是需要鼠标放在Received Amount (estimated)以后才能看。第二个建议是在Transfer页面正下方加上个FAQ问题引导,因为咱们平台会面对很多没有使用过的新用户,需要有简单的Transfer及Liquidity使用引导,还要有安全性以及费用问题的介绍,这样才能让新用户放心使用。



  • History图标的选择有问题,history在这里作为转账记录以及流动性记录,但是用了一个闹钟的图标,闹钟图标更适合消息提醒,这里建议换成列表的图标。
  • 建议加上手续费,能让用户清晰明了的看到这比交易的额外支出


For the above cBridge 2.0 test network quality feedback, our engineering team will carry out relevant discussions and further optimization. We greatly appreciate the proactive feedback from the community users, and we will deliver feedback rewards within the next two weeks.

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