cBridge 2.0 Testnet Upgrade with a Brand-New State Guardian Network UI/UX

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Today, we are excited to announce that we are rolling out the cBridge 2.0 Testnet Upgrade! This includes a brand-new State Guardian Network (SGN) experience as well as a series of feature iterations based on our users’ valuable feedback. In addition to continuing our test of cBridge 2.0’s functionality, users can now experience the new cBridge transaction fee claiming feature and re-designed UI/UX for CELR staking by visiting test-sgn.celer.network. We’ve also set aside $20,000 that we will be sending to anyone who helps us test and try out the various functionalities of this new and exciting upgrade. More details on that below!

What is Included in the Upgrade?

The New SGN User Experience

In cBridge 2.0’s architecture, the State Guardian Network plays the crucial roles of the decentralized node gateway and the service level agreement (SLA) arbitrator in the self-managed liquidity model or the liquidity manager under the shared liquidity model. With the SGN taking on these active and essential roles, validators and stakers within the SGN capture the value of cBridge 2.0 via the transaction fees in the network itself. As these fees accumulated through serving cross chain transfer requests, a new way for users to claim these accumulated fees is needed. In this upgrade, we’ve launched a brand new web application for SGN stakers to try out the newly developed user experience for staking and block reward management as well as our cBridge transaction fee reward management systems.

Feature Iterations in cBridge 2.0

Along with the SGN’s new UI/UX, we have been able to iterate on several features based on your feedback of the cBridge 2.0 testnet. Aside from system-level improvement, users and LPs now have access to the following new features from the web app: 

  • Better fee estimations before transferring: we enabled the base fee estimation with a faster response time, increasing the accuracy of the fee estimation.
  • Single-chain liquidity withdrawal is now possible: LPs are now able to combine their available liquidity that is across multiple chains into a single chain and then withdraw that liquidity. This significantly reduces operational overheads. 

$20,000 in Rewards for Testing cBridge 2.0

As the final step before mainnet launch, we aim to put some additional stress on the system and gather a fresh round of feedback! To help sweeten the deal and incentivize everyone, we will be offering rewards based on usage and feedback received. 

$18,000 Stability Master Reward

This campaign will run for 7 days from 11/09/2021 UTC 00:00 to 11/16/2021 UTC 00:00. The Usage Scores for rankings are calculated for each tester on a daily basis and based on the leaderboard of that particular day.

Scoring Rules

We will rank users based on their Usage Scores:

  • Usage Scores = Number of Eligible Operations done during each of the 24 hour periods of testing.

An Eligible Operation is defined as the following:

  • Cross-chain transfer with a daily limit of 5000 per address
  • Add or remove liquidity from the liquidity pool with a daily limit of 1000 per address 
  • Claim liquidity mining with a daily limit of 50 per address
  • Staking and un-staking in the Celer State Guardian Network with a daily limit of 100 per address
  • Claiming rewards from the State Guardian Network with a daily limit of 50 per address


Rankings for the rewards of this campaign will be determined on a daily basis. However we will issue all of the rewards at once at the end of the entire campaign. 

Daily RankDaily Prizes

$2,000 Feedback and Bug Reporting Reward

With this upgrade, we’ve launched a renewed $2,000 campaign! We will select 20 of the best pieces of feedback or bug reports submitted from 11/09/2021 UTC 00:00 to 11/16/2021 UTC 00:00 and will reward each of the selected people with $100. You can find the feedback form here.  

Winners for both campaigns will be announced at the end of testnet period.

Progress to Mainnet

We have some additional exciting news as well! We have completed three independent audits with no security bugs found in our Celer cBridge and SGN 2.0 smart contracts. Audit reports along with open-source smart contract code will be available for the community to review shortly.  We are in the process of a careful internal cross-team security review and on track for launching mainnet in November! 

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