cBridge 2.0 Testnet Upgrade Campaign Winner Announcement

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Along with the launch of a cBridge 2.0 test network upgrade on November 8, we also hosted a $20,000 reward campaign from 11/09 to 11/16. The campaign prize pool holds $18,000 worth of Stability Master Rewards for users who help us test and try out the various functionalities, as well as $2,000 worth of Feedback and Bug Reporting Rewards for selected high-value feedback to help maximize the cBridge 2.0 user experience.

During the past week, we were excited to see thousands of users trying out the upgraded testnet. We have also received over 1,300 pieces of feedback from both English and Chinese communities. 

Stability Master Reward Winners

Users are ranked daily by their Usage Scores for the $18,000 Stability Rewards. Rankings and prizes are detailed in the table below. Please check this link to see if you are a winner on any day during the event.

Feedback and Bug Reporting Reward Winners

Below is the list of 20 pieces of high quality feedback selected to win the $2,000 Feedback/Bug Reporting Reward. A reward worth of $100 will be sent to each address accordingly.


When I tried cross chain transfer, I found that the prompt fee of the two steps before and during cross chain transfer was different. I saved these two prompt pictures and marked them. The fee before cross chain shown in the picture is 5.95425.954218617344796 celr, and the fee during cross chain is 0.020011 celr. I know that these two fees have different meanings. One is base fee and the other is liquidity fee. However, from the user’s point of view, the tags of both data are fee. I think we should unify the name and data, either show fee: 5.95425.954218617344796 celr, or change the pre chain tag to base fee and the cross chain tag to liquidity fee



On SGN the “All Vallidators/My Rewards” menu option UI is hidden or too smaller to be noticed, we Should make its look Good to be claim rewards option is only there.



This is sgn usage issue.

When claiming rewards from transaction fees I have to switch from goerli to bsc. I do that, and in the next step I want to collect from fantom test net. But the UI is forcing me to switch to goerli and then only I can interact with the UI. That means I have to switch from bsc to goerli to click claim rewards from fantom and then again switch to goreli to receive the reward. From a user perspective I don’t want that, especially if I am collecting rewards from multiple chain I don’t want to switch to goerli back and forth to collect the rewards.



When there is a large list of validators, it will take some time to find any validator you have delegated to. It would be great if you could add an Icon/Button at the top level of the list to indicate if you have delegated to any of the validators. You don’t want to have to open/close each one to find it.



When you hover over the ‘i’ next to commission rate, it doesn’t explain if the % reward the validator gets is taken when you withdraw your rewards or is this already accounted for. It would be good to make that clear.



When collecting liquidity rewards the user is given a popup asking to switch to goerli testnet to see the rewards. While this is fine, the “OK” button there did not give me the correct mental model as I found myself clicking it expecting to take me back to the starting point, instead the “Ok” button just takes me to switch signature in metamask. I would suggest to to use two buttons instead of an okay. The two buttons could be “Switch to Goreli” and “Back”. If two buttons are too much, at least consider wording the button better (not “OK”).



Hi Celer

Thank you for these quality products

There are several cases related to UI UX in mobile and general mode

  • When switching between dark/light mode in the next visit, the selected mode is not the default and the dark mode is the default
  • The logo in mobile mode can be larger and then you can put the logo in the design mode and SVG output to be displayed on quality screens such as Retina without loss of quality
  • In mobile mode, the button to “connect to wallet” should be displayed in the top navbar, because the first eye sees the top and I did not notice the button to “connect to wallet” at first glance (Photo No.6)
  • In the mobile background mode, the toggle menu button is close to the background, it is better whether it is transparent or more colorful (it can have a better style) (Photo No.4)
  • In mobile mode, when I switch between transfer and liquidity, the style of the card is displayed badly (Photo No.2)
  • In the mobile background mode, the light/dark button is similar to the navbar background, it is better to be like the backgrounds of the sgn, facuet, etc. buttons (Photo No.3)
  • When the option to connect to wallet is clicked, if a wallet that is not installed gives a connection failed error, in such cases, it is better to display probability errors as well, because the user thinks that the problem is on your side.
  • Responsive on iPad Pro had a problem with the attached (Photo No.7)
  • In the responsive mode, there is no space between the transfer and liquidity card and the operation card (Photo No.5)
  • In the responsive mode, in the navbar, the options FAQ, tutorial, Run Relay Node are problematic in terms of style, and when you click on them, they will not be linked anywhere and nothing will happen (Photo No.1)



The top left logo titled ‘Celer SGN’ could use abit more spacing between the two words as they look tightly together. Also if possible please use a higher resolution for the ‘Celer’ word as SGN is is very sharp text but not ‘Celer’ making it look disconnected from a UI perspective. Thank you 🙂



SGN UI/UX is not mobile friendly. I’ve tested it on iPhone 12 Pro and there is a lot of issues – overflowing content, content hidden in table cells, etc. See attached screenshots.



Hoping for some more explanatory “general greeting” transparency in commission validiators staking rewards. A graphical representation of ROY would be loved!.



Liquidity 这一页的整体设计,现在是BSC USDT Goerli USDT ;BSC CELR Goerli CELR….这个顺序的主网是间隔着的,操作的时候不舒服,能不能把它调整成 : BSC USDT CELR;Goerli USDT CELR; Fantom USDT CELR….如果这样主网不间隔的排列,转网后能很方便知道自己要去操作哪个主网的什么产品,减少错误点击。



用这个新版本新功能的时候,感觉人机交互还是做得有点欠缺。例如我在SGN Web,单击Details才会出现详细列表。应该改成点击黑框中的任意位置,都能出现单击Details的内容。这样就能很方便查看 Validators的信息



当我要进行跨链操作时,发现了不和谐的地方。当我选择完跨链的网络与币种后,出现了很不对称的画面。我在操作时选择把bsc的celr转移到goerli中,goerli一栏Received Amount中的CELR是英文字母,上方sending Amount中的CELR是英文字母加img格式的icons。我在接下来上传的图片中把这两个位置标注出来了,我认为上下两栏应该保持一致,而且CELR的左右位置也不一样,一个靠右,一个靠左,强迫症的人看了表示很难受。












sgn作为stake功能的承载界面缺少对sgn 的解释说明 ,用户只知道stake的含义和作用,不知道sgn的含义作用。sgn只是一个功能名称、项目名称还是代币名称。用户第一次进入sgn的页面感觉很茫然不知道怎么去使用,所以在显眼的位置加上对sgn的解释说明或者对这个页面的功能解释说明











We sincerely appreciate the proactive participation and feedback from the users and our community, and we will deliver all the rewards within the next two weeks.

On the other hand, our cBridge2.0 will be launched soon, please stay tuned to our Twitter, Telegram, and Blog to receive all the newest updates!

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