Celer Network November Monthly Project Progress Report

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cBridge has surpassed $1 billion in total cross-chain transaction volume and assets bridged.

Celer Technology Development Update

  • SGN-based cBridge 2.0 mainnet successfully launched
  • Developed and launched independent cBridge 2.0 security monitoring services
  • Further improvement on cBridge 2.0 product features such as explorer, transaction history query, etc.

Big News of This Month

cBridge 2.0 Testnet Upgrade with a Brand-New State Guardian Network UI/UX

cBridge 2.0 Testnet Upgrade came with the new State Guardian Network, where SGN stakers can test new features like staking and block reward management, as well as the cBridge transaction fee reward management system. In addition, iterations were made based on user feedback on the first version of the cBridge 2.0 testnet, covering improved pre-transfer fee estimation and aggregated single-chain liquidity withdrawals.

cBridge 2.0 Mainnet Launch: The Next Step to a Seamless Interoperable Future

Visit cBridge 2.0:http://cbridge.celer.network 

In the cBridge 2.0 launch phase one, users are able to transfer USDT, USDC, and ETH across Avalanche, Arbitrum, BSC, ETH, Fantom, and Polygon within minutes and with significantly reduced costs. Liquidity Providers (LPs) have the option to provide liquidity to highly efficient pool contracts without the overhead of operating cBridge nodes. Developers of dApps can directly integrate with the cBridge 2.0 SDK and enable a native multi-chain user experience. 

Ecosystem Cooperation

Celer Network announced the sponsorship of the new Chainlink Price Feeds, which will serve as a decentralized price oracle for CELR. With industry-leading oracle network support, Ethereum, Arbitrum, and many more future DeFi protocols will be able to quickly and securely add support for CELR, including various decentralized lending protocols, insurance protocols, and DEXs. This will expand the use of CELR and accelerate its integration in the DeFi space and between different blockchains.


Celer Network and Kava Labs™ reached a strategic partnership to integrate cBridge with Kava to realize scalable and cost-efficient multi-chain interoperability. The partnership aims to seamlessly connect Kava chain to other blockchains via cBridge, allowing users to quickly and cost-effectively transfer assets between Kava and a variety of other high-demand chains, including Ethereum, Ethereum Layer-2, and any other EVM-compatible chains. In addition, Celer and Kava will work together to explore additional cross-chain opportunities in the EVM chain and Cosmos chain.

Celer Community Building and Marketing Activities

Community Updates

TG: 30,922

Twitter: 92,900

WeChat: 10,808

cBridge 2.0 Testnet Upgrade Activities

During the cBridge 2.0 testnet upgrade, we launched the campaign “Stability Master Reward” and the “Feedback and Bug Report Reward” to motivate the community to test the stability and provide feedback. We collected 1,300 valuable feedback reports from thousands of users in the Celer English and Chinese communities on the stability of the upgrade and the overall user experience. The campaign ended on November 16.

More details: https://blog.celer.network/2021/11/17/cbridge-2-0-testnet-upgrade-campaign-winner-announcement/

cBridge 2.0 Mainnet Launch Bug Bounty Program

In collaboration with Immunefi, we launched a $2 million bug bounty program along with the cBridge 2.0 mainnet launch to incentivize top security researchers and white hat hackers around the world to detect code and contract vulnerabilities and work together to maintain the security of cBridge 2.0.
The campaign went live on Nov. 19 and is still ongoing: https://www.immunefi.com/bounty/celer

cBridge & ONTO Wallet User Incentive Campaign

From November 11 to November 18, Celer held a cBridge cross-chain incentive campaign in collaboration with ONTO Wallet . 400+ users participated in the campaign and transferred on cBridge a total of $120,000+ in cross-chain assets.

“Blockchain Technology Study Camp” Live Streaming

On November 19, Qi Chao, Head of Celer China, was invited to the online live stream “Blockchain Technology Study Camp” co-hosted by groups including the Ethereum Foundation and ETHPlanet. Qi Chao talked about “Liquidity Aggregation and User Aggregation in the Multi-chain Multilayer Architecture”, and shared Celer’s technological innovations and in-depth research in blockchain scaling and bridging across multiple chains and layers.

More details: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV17R4y1H7La?p=11

Celer Community AMA

On November 26th, Celer co-founder Dong Mo shared in the Celer Network Chinese telegram group details of the cBridge 2.0 mainnet launch and the future multi-phase launch plan.

More details: https://docs.qq.com/doc/DUGZvSEFLT2V6UmZL

DeFieye Community AMA

On November 30, Celer co-founder Dong Mo was invited to participate in the DeFieye Community AMA on the DeFieye Discord channel. Dong Mo shared views on the topic “Layer-2 Scaling and Cross-Chain Bridging” in conversations with the DeFieye community, along with a detailed introduction to Celer Network and its two main products – cBridge and layer2.finance.

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