cBridge Liquidity Mining Session Two Starts with 9X Boosted Rewards on Arbitrum and Optimism

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cBridge’s Liquidity Mining Session One is coming to an end today, but don’t worry! We are happy to share that we will be seamlessly transitioning into Session Two of the liquidity mining program starting at 02:00 UTC Jan 15th, 2022! Existing LPs do not need to do anything in order to continue into Session Two and your mining rewards will begin to accumulate automatically. 

During Session One, we received a lot of feedback from the community that if their liquidity was moved to Optimism or Arbitrum, the rewards were significantly lower when compared to other chains. With that being the case, some are more hesitant to add additional liquidity into the system. This concern was heard loud and clear and we are excited to announce that the staking validator governance process has approved an increase to the rewards on listed tokens for Arbitrum and Optimism roughly 9x the Session One rewards! In this second 30-day session, we are planning to distribute approximately 29,500,000 CELR tokens to liquidity miners across all of the various pools on the different chains. This represents a 40% overall growth across all pools from Session One. 

In accordance with that growth, we have also increased the maximal single transfer size for liquidity pool-based assets to a $5M equivalent and will likely continue to further increase this in the future as we continue to grow. cBridge offers the best pricing on the market regardless of the cross-chain transfer size. Large, small, somewhere in between, cBridge takes care of it all and we invite you to experience it and enjoy all of its benefits! 

We hope with the continuation of this second session, cBridge will be able to continuously grow a deeper liquidity pool in order to accommodate the fast growing demand for cross-chain asset bridging! 

Below is the tentative rewards table that shows the currently supported chains and tokens. We are planning on adding more pools to this list over the course of the session as more chains and assets go live and are integrated, just like in Session One. These rewards are subject to adjustments by the SGN validator governance process across all of the pools based on the level of liquidity and cross-chain transfers.  As usual, any feedback is always welcome through all of our community channels (Telegram, Forum, Discord). 

ChainToken PoolDaily Reward (in CELR)
Boba NetworkUSDC6322.444679

For existing liquidity providers, no action is needed and your liquidity mining rewards will continue to automatically distribute once the session is live. For new liquidity providers, it is very simple: All you need to do is provide liquidity in the pools and you will be automatically enrolled in the liquidity mining session. More details can be found on our documentation site. 

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