Celer Network Launches a WAGMIv2 Dual-Yield Liquidity Mining Program With Boba Network

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We are excited to announce a 2nd dual-yield liquidity mining event hosted by Celer Network and Boba Network on cBridge! From UTC Apr 12th 4am to Apr 30th 4am, cBridge liquidity providers will be able to stake in the USDC liquidity pool on Boba Network to earn CELR and WAGMI rewards!

On Jan 24th, Boba Network launched the WAGMI incentives program, which supports projects deployed on Boba by allowing them to offer additional incentives to users in the form of ‘WAGMI Options’. These WAGMI Options are “KPI Options” (key performance indicators) with payouts based on the performance of the Boba Network over a one-month period. For the April WAGMI Options, payouts will be in the ratio of 1 WAGMIv2 = 1 BOBA starting from May 1st.

Following Celer cBridge and Boba’s joint WAGMI campaign in March, cBridge LPs will be able to join the new WAGMIv2 farm for April and get WAGMIv2 on top of existing CELR rewards from the cBridge USDC liquidity pool on Boba between UTC Apr 12th 4am to Apr 30th 4am.

Liquidity Farming Details:

Pool: Boba USDC pool
Total CELR Rewards: 114,030
Total WAGMIv2 Rewards: 100,000
Daily CELR Rewards: 6,335
Daily WAGMIv2 Rewards: 5,555

Starting from May 1st, LPs with WAGMI will be able to redeem their WAGMIv2 tokens for BOBA on gateway.boba.network at a 1:1 ratio. At any time, LPs with WAGMI can also exchange WAGMI for BOBA using OolongSwap at a ratio based on the supply/demand dynamics.

Stake your liquidity on cBridge and happy farming in this special event!

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