Celer Network Monthly Report – April 2022

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Celer Technology R&D Update 

  • We’ve completed the development and testing of the Flow Chain cross-chain bridge and have launched on mainnet.
  • We’ve improved Celer IM, developed an executor service, and launched it on mainnet.
  • We’ve completed the development and testing of the cross-chain NFT solution built with Celer IM and have launched on the testnet.
  • SGN’s event monitoring function for evm chain has been improved to make it more efficient and stable.
  • SGN/cBridge CLI and diagnostic repair tools have been improved. 
  • Now we support cross-chain bridge contract upgrade and token bridging.

Major Release

Celer IM Launches on Mainnet.

Celer Inter-chain Message (Celer IM) framework has launched on mainnet on April 25. Through Celer IM, developers can build inter-chain dApps using the Celer Inter-chain Message SDK with efficient liquidity utilization, coherent application logic, and shared states across multiple blockchains. Users of Celer-enabled dApps will enjoy the benefits of a diverse multi-blockchain ecosystem with the simplicity of a single-transaction UX from a single chain. ChainHop, Rubic, Swing, SynFutures, Ooki, Aperture, Solace, FuturesSwap, and Mystiko will be the first partners to integrate this new framework on mainnet. 

Celer’s layer2.finance launches in ZK Proofs Mode built with StarkEx from StarkWare. 

We announced the launch of a new version of layer2.finance under the ZK Proofs model on April 27. Previously released version under Celer’s optimistic rollup model, this new version is built by integrating StarkWare’s StarkEx solution and aims to further reduce costs for the end user and provide better UX and higher security. 

Celer Launches Cross-chain NFT Solution on Mainnet. 

We are excited to share that Celer’s cross-chain NFT solution has launched on mainnet on April 28. This solution is launching with a new way to create and launch cross-chain native NFTs that can be seamlessly transferred between blockchains as well as an NFT bridge to support the bridging of existing NFTs across all of the Celer supported blockchains. Built with the Celer Inter-chain Message (Celer IM) Framework, Celer cross-chain NFTs allow developers to issue NFTs with true cross-chain mobility. 

Ecological Cooperation

  • Added cBridge support for several chains this month: REI Network、Flow、PlatON、Darwinia Network.
  • cBridge’s new support for cross-chain tokens for the month of April: cBridge has successfully  implemented support for HUH TOKEN (HUH)、Crypto Volatility Index (GOVI)、Darwinia Network (RING)、DeHorizon (DEVT)、Gelato (GEL)、 NFTY Labs (NFTY)、MetaGameHub DAO (MGH) 、Akropolis(AKRO)、Tornado Cash (TORN).
  • cBridge Integration Partnerships: cBridge has successfully integrated support for Bungee、 Blueshift this month for better blockchain interoperability.
  • Open Canonical Token Standard: cBridge has worked with Gelato、 NFTY Labs、MetaGameHub DAO this month to help facilitate their multi-chain expansion by using the Open Canonical Token Standard.
  • Celer IM Partnerships: Celer IM is partnering with ChainHop、SynFutures、Mystiko、Swing、FutureSwap、Ooki、Rubic、Solace, and Aperture.

All the chains, tokens and integrations currently supported by cBridge:

Community Building and Marketing Activities

1. Community Data Update:

Telegram (EN): 25,464 
Telegram (CN): 3,573  

Twitter (EN): 119,400  
Twitter (CN) 6,842

2. Marketing Activities

cBridge & BoBa Network

On April 12, cBridge and BoBa Network jointly launched a liquidity incentive activity. Users can participate in the activity in cBridge’s $USDC Liquidity Pool on BoBa Network and receive $WAGMI and $CELR dual rewards.

Celer Telegram Official Community AMA

On March 1st and 8th, Celer co-founder Mo Dong held an AMA in the official Chinese and English Telegram communities of Celer respectively. He introduced the recent positive growth of cBridge, updated the ecological cooperation, shared the information of BSC Application Sidechain (BAS) jointly launched by Celer, BNB Chain, Ankr and Node Real and the recently launched Terra testnet. Then he answered questions and engaged with community members.

For details, check: https://blog.celer.network/2022/04/12/ama-summary-held-on-april-8-2022/


Celer English Community AMA

We conducted three AMAs with our partners in the Celer Telegram English community this month. We invited Chris, Head of Global Expansion of Conflux, Camilo Echeverri, Tech Leader of MetaGameHub, and Nima, Partner Integrations of Solace, to share their projects and development updates, talk about the future of blockchain interoperability based on Celer’s cross-chain infrastructure. Welcome to follow our English official Twitter, we will hold AMA from time to time to bring you richer and more timely information about Celer ecological development and the blockchain.

Celer Cross-Chain Series AMA

This month, we conducted four  AMAs with the theme of “Celer Cross-Chain Series Sharing” in the Celer Telegram Chinese community channel. The guests invited are the Chinese Community Leader of REI Network , Conflux Market Analyst OxAres,  Bohao, Flow Dapper Labs Technical Director of China and PlatOn Network CTO James Qu. They shared the current development and future potentials in the field of cross-chain interoperability.

For details, see:

Celer & REI Network:https://blog-cn.celer.network/2022/04/18/ama-rei-network/

Celer & Conflux:https://blog-cn.celer.network/2022/04/07/ama-conflux/

Celer & Flow:https://blog-cn.celer.network/2022/04/13/ama-flow/

Celer & PlatOn:https://blog-cn.celer.network/2022/04/21/ama-platon/

NFT and Cross-chain AMA on Twitter Space

On April 29th, we conducted an AMA with CertiK and Electric Sheep NFT on Twitter Space. Celer co-founder Mo Dong introduced Celer’s recently launched cross-chain NFT solution mainnet, and had a discussion on the topic of cross-chain NFT, NFT bridges and NFT security. 

Golden Finance Online Live Class

On April 8, Michael Zhou, the core developer of Celer Network, was invited to participate in the live broadcast of the “Lesson 5 of Frontier Class: Cross-chain: Technology and Development” hosted by Golden Academy. He described the history and development background of cross-chain technology, introduced three verification methods of cross-chain technology in detail, namely, local verification, native verification, and external verification, and also looked forward to the future development of cross-chain technology. 

For details, see: https://www.jinse.com/blockchain/1200916.html

DeFiEye Community Live broadcast

On April 28th, Celer co-founder Dr. Mo Dong was invited to live broadcast in the DeFiEye community. He introduced Celer’s core products and recent launches, introduced the newly launched Celer IM mainnet and its application scenarios in detail and looked forward to the future development of Celer. The AMA review will be updated in the monthly report of May.  Please stay focused.

>BNBChain Revelation Hackathon

The BNBChain Revelation Hackathon, which we sponsored and helped to judge, is underway. On April 13th, Celer co-founder Mo Dong conducted a live broadcast themed “Enabling Inter-Chain Communication for Every Blockchain User and dApp”. 

For details of the Bounty project: https://blog.celer.network/2022/03/27/celer-at-revelation-hackathon-25000-bounty-program/

For details of our workshop: https://www.binance.com/en/live/video?roomId=2101642

For details of our live broadcast: https://www.binance.com/en/live/video?roomId=2101909

In addition, this month, we also jointly launched five Giveaway and cBridge liquidity mining events with Flow, Conflux, Swappi, Mask Network, and DeFiEye community, so that more people can learn about Celer, and build a better Celer community and ecology. Join us in embracing the future of blockchain cross-chain interoperability.

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