Celer Network Monthly Report – May 2022

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Celer Technology R&D Update 

  • We’ve improved SGN storage efficiency.
  • We’ve improved SGN validator operation, including the runtime config update, CLI, etc..
  • We’ve added supply tracking and cap enforcement for bridged tokens.
  • We’re supporting arbitrary bytes address for non-EVM chains.
  • We’re building the generic framework for non-EVM chains.

Ecological Cooperation

  • Added cBridge support for several chains this month: Swimmer Network、SX Network.
  • cBridge’s new support for cross-chain tokens for the month of April: cBridge has successfully implemented support for Cyworld DTR (DTR)、iZUMi Finance (iUSD)、Ooki (OOKI)、Swimmer Network (TUS、CRA、CRAM)、Shirtum (SHI)、JPYC (JPYC).
  • cBridge Integration Partnerships: cBridge has successfully integrated support for Encentive and Sirius Finance this month for better blockchain interoperability.
  • Open Canonical Token Standard: cBridge has worked with Cyworld DTR、Ooki、Swimmer Network this month to help facilitate their multi-chain expansion by using the Open Canonical Token Standard.

We’ve already hit $8.2B in total tx volume, with 480M TVL.
Here are all the chains, tokens and integrations currently supported by cBridge:

Community Building and Marketing Activities

1. Community Data Update:
Telegram (EN): 27,717 
Telegram (CN): 3,532 

Twitter (EN): 124,059  
Twitter (CN) 6,671

2. Marketing Activities

>BNBChain Revelation Summit

On May 31st, the BNBChain Revelation Hackathon, which we sponsored and helped to judge, was successfully concluded. As the judge and co-owner of the Innovative Infra track, we selected 3 projects to be awarded. They are Zecrey Protocol, aster protocol, and SpaceID Protocol.

For details, check: https://twitter.com/BNBCHAIN/status/1531639183286185985?s=20&t=z7C9cxZTk89w5jjXC8XYdg

On the same day, BAS (BNB Application Sidechain) launched on mainnet. ​​It comes with a full Ethereum compatibility (EVM) and operates on the PoSA consensus. Thanks to this, developers will find it very easy to start building new dApps on this new high-performance infrastructure.

All end-users using dApps running on BAS can look forward to lower (or even zero) fees and no congestion!

BNBCHAIN Revelation Summit playback recording link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI3qzKUCpjU

For details of our workshop: https://www.binance.com/en/live/video?roomId=2101642

For details of our live broadcast: https://www.binance.com/en/live/video?roomId=2101909

>DeFiEye Prize-winning Essay Contest 

On May 30th, the “Second Web3 Prize-winning Essay Contest with the Theme of Cross-chain” was launched jointly by Celer and the DeFieye community and was successfully concluded. During the nearly one-month period, we collected 13 community contributions and selected the top 6 to be awarded. The article rankings are as follows:

The First Prize: Panoramic Analysis of the Cross-chain Track in the Multi-chain Landscape

The Second Prize: SWIFT in the Crypto World

The Third Prize: cBridge Competes among Hundreds of Bridges

Finalist Award: 

1. List of Current Solutions for Cross-chain Tokens: There is also an “impossible triangle” across Chains

2. Easy to Understand Celer cBridge & MultiChain of Cross-chain Bridge

3. Can We Build a Cross-chain AMM?

>Global Web3 Eco Innovation Online Summit – GWEI 2022

On May 18th, Chao Qi, the head of Celer China, was invited to participate in the GWEI cloud summit panel co-hosted by DeFi DAO and ChainNode with the theme: Layer 2 is rising, who can become the king of ecology?  He shared his views on cross-chain between L2 in the future, introduced the access that Celer cBridge has achieved in this regard, and the development potential that cBridge can meet more needs in the future. Additionally, he introduced that cBridge and Celer IM can help each L1 and L2 connect liquidity to enhance their composability. Currently, a number of native multi-chain dApps have been built based on the Celer IM ecosystem, and multi-chain application scenarios will be expanded in the future.

For details, see: https://www.chainnode.com/live/77ecdab9

>How to Web3 on BNBCHAIN

On May 9th, we launched the “How to Web3” event co-hosted by Celer Network, BNBCHAIN, CoinMarketCap, and ProjectGalaxy, with total rewards over $400,000.

The event is still in progress, so for more information, please check: https://coinmarketcap.com/earn/videos/how-to-navigate-a-multi-chain-future-in-web-3-0

Celer Telegram Official Community AMA

On May 6th, Celer co-founder Mo Dong held an AMA in the official Chinese Telegram community of Celer. He introduced the recent positive growth of cBridge and new milestones, shared the integrated applications and protocols since the mainnet launch of Celer IM, as well as the multiple cross-chain fields that can be applied, and looked forward to the future development of cBridge in the field of cross-chain NFTs. Then he answered questions and engaged with community members.

For details, check: https://blog-cn.celer.network/2022/05/06/ama-may/

Celer English Community Event

We conducted six AMAs with our partners in the Celer Telegram English community and Twitter Space this month. We invited PlatON Network CTO James Qu, FutureSwap community manager 0xCourage, Swing CEO Viveik Vivekananthan, Milkly.Swap Mecca Milk Man, Ultiverse Business Development Lead Jay, and Mystiko.Network Mia to share their projects and development updates. We were also invited by Conflux to their Twitter Space to participate in the AMA and talked about the future of blockchain interoperability based on Celer’s cross-chain infrastructure. 

We welcome you to follow our English official Twitter, we will hold AMAs from time to time to bring you richer and more timely information about Celer’s ecological development and the blockchain.

Celer Cross-Chain Series AMA

This month, we conducted two AMAs with the theme of “Celer Cross-Chain Series Sharing” in the Celer Telegram Chinese community channel. The guests invited are Ultiverse CTO Karl and Darwinia Network CMO Bree. They shared the current development and future potentials in the field of cross-chain interoperability.

For details, see:

Celer & Ultiverse:https://blog-cn.celer.network/2022/05/12/ama-ultiverse/

Celer & Darwinia Network:https://blog-cn.celer.network/2022/05/20/ama-darwinia/

In addition, this month, we also jointly launched cBridge liquidity incentive events with BoBa Network and Sirius Finance, so that more people can learn about Celer and help build a better Celer community and ecology. Join us in embracing the future of blockchain cross-chain interoperability!

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